Iron Man 2 suit heads to Auction -  yours for $80,000

The hype for Marvel comics' upcoming action movie, Avengers Assemble, is steadily building. The film is promising to be the ultimate cinema experience for fans of Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk and Avengers Assemble's other assorted comic hero stars.

Although the auction is titled "Captain America: The First Avenger" after 2011's blockbuster film, the sale's organisers are clearly hoping to benefit from all the Avengers Assemble buzz (Paul goes into more detail about 'buzz' and collectibles sales in his column).

Hence the inclusion of an iconic piece of memorabilia from the most powerful (in terms of box office takings) Avenger of them all: Iron Man, as played by Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man was also ranked 12th in American entertainment website IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes in 2011.

The Captain America: The First Avenger auction will offer an original full scale, screen-used "Mark II Autopsy" suit from 2010 sequel Iron Man 2. This happens to be the only complete Iron Man suit ever offered at public auction.

The only complete Iron Man suit ever offered at public auction

In the film, the suit is appropriated by character James "Rhodey" Rhodes. Rhodes, played by actor Don Cheadle, 'autopsies' the suit to examine it and construct his own suit of armour to fight crime as superhero War Machine.

The Iron Man 2 suit measures 75 inches (6.25 feet) tall and was created by the renowned movie production artists at Legacy Effects.

It is constructed from fiberglass resin with an incredibly detailed 'metalised' finish to make it resemble stainless steel alloy. Within the suit is an intricate assembly of electronics including wire loom, metal hoses and cables.

So, how much for this fresh-to-market full Iron Man suit? It will appear estimated at $60,000-80,000. Given the buzz surrounding Iron Man and the Avengers at the moment, this promises to be a very exciting sale on April 14 in Chicago.

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