Helmut Newton's photographs could be like a rag to a bull for collectors

Whether you find bullfighting captivating or barbaric, it's impossible not to be impressed by these photographic images, Portraits of the World of Bullfighting by Helmut Newton (1920-2004).

By Helmut Newton, 1961

Dated to 1961, the set of 132 slides were originally taken around the time of the Seville Feria, held in Andalusia in Spain.

Many images captured by Newton during the same session were used to illustrate a magazine article on bullfighting written by the writer Jean Cau, The Bullfight Explained, published in April 1963.

These included a colour portrait of the noted bullfighter Paco Camino, which featured on the magazine's cover. (Photos by Pat Faure, Lucien Clergue and others also illustrated the article.)

French writer Jean Cau (1925-1993) carried throughout his life a great interest in bullfighting, especially through several of his books.

Various noted bullfighters appear as subjects in the works

Newton, meanwhile, had moved to Paris in 1961, after which the magazine presumably contacted him regarding the use of his photographs for Cau's story.

The works will appear for sale at Tauromachy, based in Marseille, France. They will auction on October 7 at part of its Paintings and Graphic Arts event.


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