Georgia O'Keeffe's Lake George offered at Christie's

Georgia O'Keeffe's Lake George Reflection (circa 1921-1922) could provide one of the highlights of a sale of American Art at Christie's.

The piece is designed to be hung either vertically or horizontally, offering two very different perspectives.

Keeffe Lake Georgia
Lake George Reflection can be hung horizontally or vertically

Horizontally it shows a straightforward landscape, while vertically it morphs into an abstract form reminiscent of the artist's flower paintings.

O'Keeffe drew inspiration from certain places and returned to them often to paint, as best exemplified in her depictions of the mountain of Cerro Pedernal in New Mexico (where her ashes are scattered).  

Her future husband, the photographer Alfred Stieglitz, had a home at the lake and the couple spent a lot of time there during the early 1920s.

O'Keeffe became the world's most valuable female artist in 2014, following the sale of Jimson Weed/ White Flower No.1 at Sotheby's for $44.4m.

The present work is valued at $8m-12m ahead of the May 19 sale.

Frederic Edwin Church's A New England Lake is another highlight.

Church was associated with the famous Hudson River School, a group of American painters that lived and worked in upstate New York.

He travelled around the world, painting landscapes from the Arctic down to the tip of South America.   

This example is valued at $3.5m-5.5m.

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