George Condo's Young Sailor to auction with $426,000 estimate

George Condo's The Young Sailor (2012) is to lead a contemporary art sale at Phillips in London on July 3 with a £150,000-250,000 ($255,367-425,612) estimate.

The painting shows a face marred by blocks, mirroring the work of the cubists, and is one of a series he produced using this motif.

Condo Young Sailor
Condo's Young Sailor will auction at Phillips on July 3

Much of Condo's work is driven by an attempt to relay the complexity and duality of the mind. He told the Guardian in February of this year: "Picasso painted a violin from four different perspectives at one moment.

"I do the same with psychological states. Four of them can occur simultaneously."

His auction record stands at $1.3m, set for The Manhattan Strip Club at Christie's New York in 2012.

Sam Francis' Join the Chaos will prove another highlight with a £100,000-150,000 ($170,245-255,367) estimate.

Francis (1923-1994) came under the influence of Tachisme - a movement often described as the European answer to abstract expressionism - while living in Paris during the 1950s 

In 2010, a painting titled Middle Blue (1957) sold for $6.3m at auction.

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