Damien Hirst art could sell for $90,000 in Green auction

What do Damien Hirst, Salma Hayek, Ted Danson and Brooke Shields all have in common? They are all joining forces for Christie's Green Auction: a Bid to Save the Earth.

The sale will take place on Thursday, April 22.

For one evening, leaders from the worlds of art, business, fashion and celebrity will come together for the charity auction, hosted by US comedian Chevy Chase.

Art collectors, in particular, should take note. One of the starring lots in the sale is a Damien Hirst artwork, All You Need is Jealousy. Donated by Hirst himself, it is valued at $90,000.

This valuation is a relative bargain compared to his other works, such as For the Love of God, better known as the diamond-encrusted skull, whose asking price was £50m ($82.5m) when it sold to an investment consortium in 2008.

Damien Hirst's All You Need is Jealousy has a suggested value of $90,000

Other less-tangible prizes in the auction include a round of golf with former US President Bill Clinton, and "five luxurious nights in Bali".

Famous attendees at the auction will also include Queen Noor of Jordan, Candice Bergen, Brian Williams, John McEnroe, James Lipton, Derek Lam, Willie Garson and Cornelia Guest.

It is hoped that the event will raise funds for environmental agencies including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Oceana, Conservation International and Central Park Conservancy, while demonstrating the under-reported role of collectibles in altruistic and charity causes.

In other Damien Hirst collectibles news, a stunning high-quality photo image of his iconic For the Love of God skull signed by Hirst himself is currently available on the market. An ideal entry-level investment for new art collectors, or a great acquisition for fans of Hirst.


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