Cadell's 'definitive' Colourist painting auctions in Edinburgh

One of Francis Cadell's famous Iona pictures is for sale at Bonhams 19th and 20th Century Pictures and Prints sale in Edinburgh on April 22. 

It is expected to sell for between £40,000-60,000.

FCB Cadell (1883-1937), one of the celebrated Scottish Colourists, visited the tiny island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland every summer from 1912.

It was around this time that the artist truly found his own style.

TJ Honeyman, friend and biographer of the group, considered Cadell's Iona pictures the archetypal Colourist paintings - a term that he also happened to coin.

Generally, Cadell favoured coastal views of the North End of the island; revelling in the light and atmospheric effects on white sand, jagged rocks and blue sea. 

Cadell's works are often sought-after at auction by Colourist devotees

He was a 'well-kent' figure by locals and tourists alike, setting up easel on the beach in his kilt after arriving each summer from Edinburgh with his manservant.

This picture is unusual in that it depicts the village itself.

Cadell's works are always sought-after at auction, whether by Colourist devotees or collectors for whom the island has a particular resonance. 

However, this was not always the case. During his lifetime the artist struggled to sell pictures to any but his most loyal patrons and ended up in penury.

"This is an iconic view of the town of Iona, and I expect fierce competition for the work at the sale," said Chris Brickley, Head of the Picture Department at Bonhams. 


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