Beautiful Ming dynasty 'palace vase' leads smashing Oriental pottery auction

When I M Chait takes up their annual temporary residence in the Fuller Building in Manhatten, New York on March 18, preview goers will be captivated by more than sixty-five examples of important Chinese porcelains from the Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang Periods.

Collections of Japanese inro, netsuke and okimono, Chinese snuff bottles and fine jewelry round out the sale slated for Monday, March 21.

Typically, Chinese porcelains, long a specialty of the Beverly Hills based auctioneer, have become among the most collectible of Chinese antiques. When coupled with excellent examples of Chinese pottery and stone ware, as in this sale, interest is expected to run high.

Porcelain Ming Dynasty vase
Porcelain Ming Dynasty vase

Further inspiring competition will be the lead item in the sale Lot 165 - a 12-flanged Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain "palace vase."

The complex vase is decorated with a continuous design of dragons and phoenix amid foliage and flowers. At the neck, moulded lion head handles soar above double rows of vertical flanges attached at the base and mid section of the 34 inch tall beaker.

It is of the 16th Century Period and bearing the Jiajing Ming mark. Given what such items have achieve in recent times this should make an excellent investment. The estimate is available upon request.


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