Arthur Rimbaud rare art sketch manuscript sells for $371,000 in Paris auction

A rare art sketch by the legendary French poet Arthur Rimbaud which dates to his time spent in London with Paul Verlaine, the eminent Symbolist poet, has auctioned in Paris.

Collectors pushed bids for the rare and historically-important sketch up to €285,600 - well above its €120,000-150,000 presale estimate.

This is one of just five known manuscripts of its kind illustrated by Rimbaud.

Although Rimbaud's legacy rests in his poetry - mostly written during Arthur's teens, before he gave up writing completely before the age of 20 - he is understood to have had some interest in cartooning.

This work is also coveted for the time and location from which it originates: Rimbaud's trip with Verlaine to London between 1872-1873.


Jeune cocher de Londres rimbaud410.jpg
Small piece of history: Jeune cocher de Londres sold for €285,600

The pair enjoyed a hedonistic relationship, and the period was very important for both writers. Particularly Verlaine, who kept this very sketch as memento from his years with Rimbaud until his death in 1896, aged 51.

The sketch titled "Jeune cocher de Londres" bears an additional inscription which is believed to be by Verlaine.

While Rimbaud's sketches can sell for €285,600 at auction, you can acquire autographed artworks by established cartoonists for much less.

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