Andy Warhol's One Dollar Bill to lead London sale

Andy Warhol's One Dollar Bill (1962) is to lead a sale of work inspired by the US dollar at Sotheby's London.

The lot is valued at £13m-18m ($20.3m-28.2m) ahead of the July 2 sale.

dollar bill sothebys
The sale features 21 works inspired by the US dollar

It's the first canvas in Warhol's dollar series and the only example produced entirely by hand, making it a great rarity.

Warhol was fixated on money, which appears as a motif throughout his career. He once wrote: "Money is the MOMENT to me. Money is my MOOD."

Another work from Warhol, Front and Back Dollar Bills (1963), revisits the same territory.

It carries an identical estimate of £13m-18m ($20.3m-28.2m).

Cheyenne Westphal, co-head of contemporary art, commented: "The collection of Warhols was put together with a unique focus and vision over 30 years, building a group of masterpieces that would be impossible to assemble today."

Another artist featured in the sale is Keith Haring. An untitled work from 1982 that displays his trademark figures is expected to make up to £350,000 ($548,300)

Haring was a close friend of Warhol's and drew inspiration from his iconoclastic approach to art. He explained: "Whatever I've done would not have been possible without Andy. Had Andy not broken the concept of what art is supposed to be, I just wouldn't have been able to exist."

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