$93k for the goddess of fortune and luck

Appropriately for the year which marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, one of Ketterer Kunst's final post-auction art sales of 2009 is a sculpture inspired by German reunification.

Ohne Titel (Fortuna), a unique sculpture by the late Düsseldorf artist Jörg Immendorff (1945-2007), is currently available to buy priced at €65,000 ($92,950).

Immendorff was a graduate from the Düsseldorf art academy in 1963/64, at which he had written several manifestos and initiated various political and artistic actions.

His international breakthrough came with his four part epos, Café Deutschland, a political and socio-critical work on the Cold War and the separation of Germany.

Ohne Titel (Fortuna) by Jörg Immendorff, priced €65,000 ($92,950)

The artist did not only work as a painter, but also as a sculptor, again in the context of the German reunification.

Ohne Titel (Fortuna), 1989, is a remarkable sculpture depicting Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and luck. It is partly inspired by Hanns Baldung Grien's beautiful, witch-like Fortuna from 1512.

In comparison with Fortuna depictions by the old masters, Immendorff emphasises the fickleness of fate: in this depiction, Fortuna is trying to keep balance with crutches, her feet tied to two balls, on a hollow and fragmented armillary sphere.

The piece is an allegory for uncertainty and changes, but also a symbol for the German reunification.

A close look at the globe's inside reveals not only the fallen symbols of both German states, but also a crown and a Swastika, crescent and cross.



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