Tang Chinese ceramic horse could exceed $60,000 in Scottsdale auction

A large Chinese ceramic horse dating to the era of the Tang dynasty will cross the block at Scottsdale Auctions and Appraisals in Arizona later today with a $40,000-60,000 estimate.

The house commented: "We have handled hundred of Tang and Han Dynasty horses over the years and this is by far the finest we have ever seen.

Tang Chinese horse
The ceramic horse was made in China during the Tang dynasty

"The powerful pose is one that is extremely rare and I have not seen a similar pose in any museum or collection."

The piece stands at 24 inches and was likely produced for a royal tomb. It has been carbon dated to between 618-906 AD.

In the past inferior examples have auctioned for significantly over the estimate, with one example sold for $226,400 at Sotheby's New York in 2004.

Another (also of lower quality) made $228,000 in 2007.

A giant gila olla made by the Native American Salado tribe in 1100-1400 AD is valued at $3,500-4,500.

The Salado lived in the Tonto Basin region of southeastern Arizona between the 12th and 15th centuries.

Known as Roosevelt Red Ware or Salado Polychrome, the tribe's distinctive pottery utilises distinctive geometric patterns and varies widely in style depending on geography or era.

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