Gaius Caesar bust estimated to achieve $240,000 at Bonhams

A Roman marble portrait bust of Gaius Caesar will lead Bonhams' Antiquities sale in London on October 23 with a £120,000-150,000 ($192,139-240,187) estimate.

Gaius was the son of Emperor Augustus' only child, Julia, and Augustus' friend Marcus Vispanius Agrippa. Gaius was adopted by the emperor in 7 BC - along with his brother Lucius.

Gaius bust Bonhams
Gaius died a year after the bust was made

Gaius died aged just 23, but managed to have a significant impact on Roman political life - taking on the role of princeps iuventutis (youth leader) - and temples were constructed in his honour.

It is thought that the bust was produced to commemorate his military triumph in AD 3 at Artagira, Algeria, where he sustained the wound that ultimately killed him.

A monumental Egyptian diorite jar, circa 3200 BC, carries an estimate of £100,000-150,000 ($160,032-240,048).

Diorite is a rare variety of hard rock found in just a few locations throughout the world that can be polished to a durable sheen.

A Sumerian alabaster female worshipper from 2900-2550 BC will be another notable lot at the sale, with a valuation of £60,000-80,000 ($95,865-127,820).

It would have been placed in the tomb of a notable person in order to provide service in the afterlife.

A section of a Roman marble column circa 1-2 AD is offered with a £40,000-50,000 ($63,910-79,887) estimate.

It features a motif of acanthus leaves adorned with birds, fruits and flowers.

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