Egyptian Osiris statue sells for $221,500 at Bonhams

A striking dark green stone statue of the Egyptian god Osiris has seen top bids in Bonhams' Antiquities auction, held on October 2 in London.

The piece was likely used as part of the funerary service of Padiaset, a high priest

The statue, depicting a male figure holding a smaller representation of Osiris, dates to circa 600-525 BC - the late 26th dynasty of the ancient Egyptian empire. It sold for £136,900 ($221,396).

The statue is inscribed with "Osiris foremost of the West, the great god, lord of Abydos, ruler of eternity" and was apparently inscribed for "Padiaset, high preist of Seth, scribe of the temple…scribe of the granary", along with numerous other titles.

Also selling well was a large South Arabian female votive figure from the 1st century BC, which made £98,500 ($159,295). It is prized for its layer of gesso paint, which is coloured and incised with intricate details - a rarity for sculpture of this age.

A Greek marble head from the 3rd-2nd century BC, believed to depict Hercules or a similar hero, made £50,000 ($80,860).

Now damaged, but still a fine piece, it was previously thought to depict Ptolemy (I) Soter, a general under Alexander the Great who later became the ruler of Egypt and founder of the Ptolemaic Kingdom.

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