Antiques Roadshow plant pot realises $1m at Christie's

A plant pot that appeared on Antiques Roadshow has sold for £668,000 ($1m) - making it the most valuable find in the show's history.

Fiona Bruce
Consignor Terry Nurrish spoke with Fiona Bruce on an October 26 edition of the show

It turned out to be a Japonisme enamel and bronze vase, made in France during the late 1800s, and was valued at £10,000 ($16,111) when it appeared on air back in 1991 - an increase of 6,580%.

It was sold at Christie's London in 2012.

The consignor, retired farmer Terry Nurrish, told presenter Fiona Bruce: "My parents went to this house clearance sale and my mother saw the plant pot and fell in love with it…

"We kept it in the dining room and our son used to use it as a goalpost. It was only when I took it to the Antiques Roadshow that I realised it was valuable…

"The auctioneer started the bidding at £100,000 and I just thought 'blimey'. Then it kept going and I was getting redder and redder in the face. It was incredible."

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