7th century silk robe to star in Islamic art sale

Sotheby’s will auction an extraordinary silk lampas robe made in central Asia in the 7th or 8th century AD.

Islamic robe Sothebys

The robe displays a deer and ram motif

Despite being close to 1,500 years old, the piece remains in exceptional condition – with the pattern and colouring of the material still clearly visible.

It originates from an ancient civilisation known as Sogdiana, which spanned a region of modern day Uzbekistan and Tajikistan from the 6th century BC.

By the 11th century AD, the inhabitants of the region had converted to Islam and were subsumed into the Samanid empire.

The lot is expected to make £200,000-300,000 ($247,320-370,980) when it comes to auction in a sale of Islamic art on April 26.

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