Spacesuit from Russia's aborted Moon mission could float to $50,000

Dated to 1977-84, this Soviet "Olran-D" EVA Spacesuit - EVA meaning extra-vehicular activity outside of the spacecraft - will be up for grabs at Regency Superior's space and aviation auction, which is set to take place on October 1-3.

The Soviet "Olran-D" EVA Spacesuit bears this inscription

According to Abramov and Skoog's 2003 published guide, Russian Spacesuits: "This semi-rigid spacesuit was a modification of the original ORLAN spacesuit which was designed to support crew member EVA from the orbiting Moon space vehicle as part of the N1-L3 program."

N1-L3, otherwise known as "Soviet Moonshot" was a cancelled series of programs planned by the Soviet Union in the 1960's, the goal of which was to land a man on the Moon. The program was kept top-secret, until details were published in 1990.

"The original type ORLAN suit was never used in flight [in space]," write Abramov and Skoog in their guide.

The Olran-D suit, and one of its 'umbilical' components (pictured right)

What's more only 27 test or training suits and seven flight examples were ever developed by company NPP Zvezda, making this example especially rare.

According to the lot notes, the suit's Life Support System (LSS) was of the regenerative type, including exchangeable components. Its power supply, radio communication and telemetry were connected via a 20m electric umbilical, which also served as a safety tether.

The suit has a further safety tether with a snap hook and is missing its outer cover layer - an advantage for enthusiasts, as it reveals the inner components which made the suit function.

The suit's fascinating inner components can be examined

There is an engraved "Orlan-D" on the inside lip of the backpack. The suit is for sale with an accompanying green carry bag.

According to Regency Superior, the Orlan-D suit is of museum-quality and "perfect for the finest of space memorabilia collections."

It carries a pre-sale estimate of $40,000-50,000, with bids opening at $30,000.


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