Golf and baseball memorabilia markets have long been thriving. But it looks like tennis could eventually catch them up...

A two-day tennis memorabilia auction was held by Guernsey's auction house in New York yesterday - and it is hoped that it will become an annual event.

As the tennis memorabilia market is very much up-and-coming, there were plenty of bargains available for new collectors.

The top price at the auction was $18,000 for a gold bracelet awarded to Blanche Bangley, the second winner of the Wimbledon ladies' singles championship in 1986, according to Bloomberg.

Vintage and autographed posters and rackets were among the particularly good sellers. A Bjorn Borg signed wood racket brought $2,250.

Anything associated with Bill Tilden, who died in 1953, was also met with enthusiasm. A classic tennis sweater worn by the legendary player sold for $4,000.

"He's the greatest player ever," Arthur Anderson, who consigned some Tilden items and was coached by him, told Bloomberg. "He was unbeatable for six years."

While some items fetched below their estimated price, the sale demonstrated the potential in tennis memorabilia as an investment.

"An average person can buy something here," said winning bidder and tennis historian Richard Hillway, 66, from Colorado Springs, California, upon succesfully bidding $325 for three Don Budge trophies.

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