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Here is a story where "incredible willpower" and "patience" are drastic understatements.

After working for half a century as a copperplate hand-engraver and perfecting his techniques, Graham Short dreamt up a project that is remarkable and unique as it is improbable.

He decided to engrave The Lord's Prayer... on a pinhead, measuring just 2mm across.

Earlier this month, Graham kindly spoke to Paul Fraser Collectibles about his exceptional undertaking, which took a total of 300 hours.

You can read his exclusive interview with Paul Fraser Collectibles, here.

"[I] engrave under a microscope with an engraving tool so thin that it can hardly be seen by the naked eye... with my arm strapped to the bench to avoid any movement" - Graham Short, in his exclusive interview with Paul Fraser Collectibles

Now, our Video of Week gives you an opportunity to take a closer (much closer...) look at Graham's pinhead, with a filmed interview exploring why he did it.

In the above film, Graham explains how he rested for an hour before each engraving stage to get his heart to beat slowly enough to perform the delicate work, engraving between each of his heartbeats.

Graham's story is certainly one of the most amazing and remarkable stories we've encountered at Paul Fraser Collectibles - which is why we've offered to help him find a buyer for his unique engraving.

"Without a doubt, vibration was the biggest problem. Even mice walking along my bench in the night would cause the graver to slip" - Graham's exclusive interview with Paul Fraser Collectibles

Since starting his one one-man engraving business in 1974, Graham today supplies engravings to the Royal Family, The House of Commons, and Foreign Embassies and celebrities around the world.


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