Shozo Shimamoto's Bottle Crash offered in London sale

Shozo Shimamoto's Bottle Crash (1991) is the headline lot of the Christie's Asobi: Japanese and Korean Postwar Art sale in London on October 11.

The canvas is valued at around £250,000-300,000 ($324,250-389,100).

Shozo Shimamoto Christies
Shozo Shimamoto was a founder of the avant-garde Gutai group  

Shimamoto created the painting using his self-explanatory bottle crash technique, where he puts a rock on the canvas and launches bottles of paint at it.

As he explains: "I think the throwing of bottles as a method of painting is a form of study of the unknown.

"More than anything else, I find stimulation in the materialisation of an unpredictable expression."

Shimamoto was a founding member of the Gutai group, a collective of radical artists who sought to knock down the walls between fine art and performance art.

Kazuo Shiraga was another member of the group.

He was equally eccentric in his methods, often painting with his feet while suspended from a rope dangling from the ceiling of his studio, or wrestling mounds of mud into abstract forms.

A Shiraga canvas titled Kakushaka (Vigorous) from 1990 is offered in the sale with a valuation of £150,000-200,000 ($194,550-259,400).

The sale will also include work from Yayoi Kusama, Kumi Sugai and Tadashi Sugimata.

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