Out of nowhere - the first appearance of The Flash brings $450k

Heritage has made comic book headlines worldwide already this year with the record breaking sale of a high-grade copy of Detective Comics #27 for a staggering $1,075,000.

It may be a while before that record in broken, but Heritage has immediately followed up with a sale that would be the biggest story in most years. But it was not a sale at auction.

A copy of Flash Comics Number 1, graded an extraordinary 9.6, was sold at Heritage back in 2006 for $273,125 - a hefty sum. The book had been a part of Edgar Church's world famous 'Mile High' Collection, which is well known to the comic book fraternity as the highest benchmark for quality anywhere.

Flash Comics No 1
The exceptional first issue of Flash Comics No. 1

But Heritage now offers a service which means the bidding doesn't have to end at the auction.

Collectors searching for a particularly rare or valuable item which has already been sold at a Heritage auction can now use the page on which the lot was originally listed to contact the buyer anonymously with a further offer.

Recently, a comic book collector did just that, offering a princely sum of $450,000 for the copy, creating a huge profit for the original buyer.

In our interview with Heritage's David Tosh, he touted the value of comic books as an investment, and this continues to be backed up with results.



Image: Heritage

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