Biblical tapestry appears in Ohio, US

A rare 15th-16th century Franco-Flemish Gothic Biblical tapestry fragment will be the centrepiece at Gray's Auctioneers' forthcoming February 27 auction.

The tapestry - measuring 90 inches by 83 ½ - depicts David the shepherd boy, who became the King of Israel.

The fragment may have formed part of a large narrative tapestry, known as a stage-set or altar tapestry, showing David's life.

The Life of David tapestry, valued at $60,000-90,000

Unsurprisingly, the work, entitled Life of David, has already garnered considerable attention from likely bidders. It carries an estimate of $60,000-90,000.

A tapestry with similar imagery displaying "The Virtues and the Vices" can be seen in the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Gray's Auctioneers' sale will also include needlework from the 18th-19th centuries and bronze sculpture by the likes of Edgar Degas.

It will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, US.


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