March 1912 French Titanic cover

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  • A rare cover bearing a TITANIC postmark – one of only 19 extant
  • Originally intended to travel from Bordeaux to Washington, DC via the Titanic before the ship’s maiden voyage was pushed back from March to April

The Titanic was a British cruise-liner, the largest ever built. It was proudly described as “unsinkable”. On its maiden voyage in April 1912 it struck and iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank. It’s one of the most famous disasters in history.

This is an ultra rare Titanic cover, one of only 19 in existence. All but one of the 19 (including this example) is addressed to the M.A. Winter Co. in Washington, DC – a dealer in snake oil medicines.

The letter was sent from Bordeaux and bears one French 5-centime and two 10c Sower stamps. The word “TITANIC” is stamped in violet ink.

This letter was part of a shipment of mail that would have been loaded aboard the Titanic in Cherbourg, where it was due to dock at the outset of its Atlantic March 1912. However, the Titanic was not ready to sail in March, so this letter was carried to its destination by a different White Star liner.

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