England, 1604-05 James I gold unite

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England, 1604-05 James I gold unite. Apart from a small flaw above the Kings right shoulder this is a very good example with a fantastic portrait of James in full armour. - shortly after he inherited the English throne. These coin dies were always rather shallowly engraved so unless one got a good strike the portrait would usually appear rather faint. This is a good strike and the details of this coin are sharp and clear making it attractive and desirable. With the unification of the two Kingdoms under one King, James put in Latin as his motto on the reverse 'I have made them into one people, thus the coin is known as 'Unite' .

Obv: Half length crowned and armoured bust right, holding sceptre over shoulder in right hand, globus crucifer in left, IACOBVS . D G. MAG . BRIT' . FRAN ET . HIB' . REX.

Rev: Crowned, garnished Royal Arms dividing I R, around FACIAM . EOS . IN . GENTEMVNAM.

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