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  • An illustrated portrait of Albert Einstein signed by Einstein himself

Albert Einstein was one of the world’s greatest scientific minds. In the early 1900s he developed the Theory of Relativity, a work that set the template for modern physics. A German citizen, he left the country shortly before Hitler seized power and never returned – choosing instead to spend the rest of his life in America. 

He was instrumental in developing the first atomic bombs in the 1940s, in spite of a lifelong commitment to pacifism. Over the course of his career he published hundreds of scientific papers. His name has become interchangeable with genius.  

This is a 4.9 x 3.9 inch illustration of Albert Einstein by the Danish amateur artist Carl Werner Skogholm. Skogholm drew portraits of celebrities and sent them off with a request they be returned with a signature. Einstein was one of those who obliged. 

Einstein has signed crisply in black pen, dating the piece "48". One of the nicest Einstein autographs you'll see. 

This is a unique piece of considerable charm. Demand for Einstein’s signature has been growing, with one inscribed paper selling for a record $1.5m in 2017.

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