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 Full details of the Henry VIII signed document 

  • Rare document signed "Henry R" by Henry VIII as king in 1513
  • Superbly bold signature at head of page
  • King Henry VIII-signed documents are hugely rare on the private market 

The document is dated 6 December 1513 at Windsor Castle. Henry, then aged 22, signs as king in the fourth year of his reign. 

He has signed "Henry R" in wonderfully bold ink at the head of the document.

The vellum document remains in very good condition for its age. It measures approx. 8 x 5 inches.

The R in Henry's signature signifies the words, "Rex Omnibus", meaning "king of all" in Latin.

The document is a warrant addressed to Sir Andrew Windsor, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe.

It commands Sir Andrew to supply cloth and other materials to be made into gowns and other garments.

Henry's signature indicates he gives his assent to the warrant.


Few documents have survived the 470+ years since Henry's death.

Those that have withstood the tests of time are mostly held in institutions such as the British Library, the National Archives and the British Museum, leaving very few in private hands.

This is a rare opportunity to own an example of King Henry VIII's signature.


Henry VIII

Henry VIII was King of England from April 21, 1509 until his death on January 28, 1547.

Henry's six wives - Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr - are the stuff of legend.

Henry's struggles with Rome led to the separation of the Church of England from Papal authority, establishing him as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. The move changed the face of religion in England, and has had a lasting effect that is felt around the world today.

Henry VIII is also remembered as "one of the most charismatic rulers to sit on the throne of England", as well as a keen patron of the arts, himself being an author and composer.

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