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The CEO's collection

  • England 1603-1625 James I Ten Shillings (Double Crown) GVF

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    England 1603-1625 James I Ten Shillings (Double Crown) GVF


    England, Stuart. James I (1603-1625) Gold Ten Shillings (Double Crown)

    Type: Hammered - Second coinage, 5th bust

    Mint Mark: Tower

    Minted from 1612AD

    Minted until 1613AD

    Obverse: Crowned, draped , cuirassed bust of James right, 'IACOBVS DG MAG BRI FRA ET HIB REX'.

    Reverse: Crowned Royal Arms dividing 'JR', 'HENRICVS ROSAS REGNA IACOBVS', (Henry united the roses, James the kingdoms).

    This well struck coin produces a very good attractive and clear portrait of James I with very good details in facial features and drapery. Although, as a type, not particularly uncommon it is very rare and difficult to find in such a good grade and strong striking.

    The coinage of James VI is a very large and varied issue - more so than any other Monarch, many new and innovatively designed pieces were introduced during this reign as well as several new denominations. These 10 shilling pieces of this second issue are usually referred to as 'double crown'. Due to inflation and a rise in the price of gold, these coins were revalued in 1619 at 11 shillings and a new lighter 10 shillings, the 'Half Laurel' was issued.

    It is interesting to note the reverse legend - having become King James I of England, James VI of Scotland was very keen to unite the two Kingdoms - a concept which is still particularly current and controversial.


  • Napoleon Bonaparte signed letter
    Sold out

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Napoleon Bonaparte signed letter


    Sold out
    • A signed Napoleon Bonaparte letter with superb content

    Napoleon is one of history's most iconic figures. As emperor of France, his actions shaped Europe in the early 19th century. Following a successful coup d'etat in 1799, Napoleon went on to conquer much of Western and North Eastern Europe.

    Defeat in Russia and at the Battle of Waterloo has diminished the stature of his achievements. However, Napoleon was key in establishing a legal framework used across much of Europe, based on Meritocracy, and his military strategy is still widely studied across the world.

    When the Duke of Wellington was asked to name the greatest general of the day, he answered: "In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon."

    A rare letter from Napoleon to his stepson Eugene de Beuharnais, dated January 19, 1806 - five days after Eugene’s marriage to Princess Augusta of Bavaria.

    Displayed in a black backing with portraits of the two men. 

    Napoleon is clearly delighted on Eugene's behalf. The letter reads (probably in a secretarial hand): “I arrived at Stuttgart yesterday evening at six, I will stay here today and leave tomorrow. I am sending you a Moniteur [Le Moniteur Universel – a Parisian newspaper] where you will see news about yourself.

    “Two kisses to Princess Augusta, one for me, the other for the Empress [Josephine – Eugene’s mother and Napoleon’s wife].”

    Napoleon signs “Napole”, a rare shortened variant of his signature. 

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  • Moonwalkers signed photograph collection

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Moonwalkers signed photograph collection


    • A collection of signed photographs from each of the 12 astronauts to walk on the Moon
    • Find out more about this item here 

    During the four years NASA operated its manned Apollo missions to the Moon (1968-1972), 12 men walked on the Lunar surface.

    A remarkable collection made up of signed photographs from each of the 12 Moonwalkers – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, David Scott, James Irwin, John Young, Charles Duke, Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt.

    The photographs are presented in frames and feature excellent provenance, including shots of the original collector with five of the signers. It would be impossible to recreate today. Only four of the 12 survive and all are now in their 80s.

    This is an investment grade collection with huge potential.

    Free global delivery. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Muhammad Ali signed photograph

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Muhammad Ali signed photograph


    • A signed photograph of Muhammad Ali with the Beatles
    • Click here for the full story behind this remarkable item

    Three time World Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali is one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. Born Cassius Clay in a poor district of Louisville, Kentucky in 1942, he fought his way to the very top of the sport.

    In the mid-1960s he converted to Islam and became a key figure in the civil rights movement. His refusal to fight in Vietnam in 1966 saw him stripped of his titles and banned from boxing. Four years later he made an astonishing comeback, eventually regaining the heavyweight title in 1974.

    Ali retired from boxing in 1981 and devoted the rest of his life to humanitarian work. He died in June 2016.

    An iconic photograph of Muhammad Ali with the Beatles, taken during a promotional shoot on February 18, 1964. Ali has signed to the top right of the image, a solid signature with excellent eye appeal. 

    Free global delivery. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • John F Kennedy signed campaign brochure

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    John F Kennedy signed campaign brochure


    • A superb quality JFK signed 1960 campaign brochure

    John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States of America from 1961 until 1963 when he was tragically assassinated in Dallas, Texas. A charismatic leader, he is one of the most beloved presidents in US history, and his memorabilia is among the best selling of any former president. 

    This is an original 3.5 x 9 inch campaign brochure for John F Kennedy’s 1960 presidential run. Kennedy signed in pencil to the left of his portrait during a campaign stop in Durango, Colorado. 

    A charismatic period piece that captures the optimism of the JFK years. 

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  • Charlie Chaplin signed portrait
    Sold out

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Charlie Chaplin signed portrait


    Sold out
    • An ink portrait of Charlie Chaplin signed by Chaplin himself
    • Dated to 1952, around the release of Limelight

    Charlie Chaplin was the biggest star of the silent era. Born into poverty in Victorian London, he found his way to the stage and on to Hollywood. He came up with the character of the Tramp in 1914. By 1918 he was a household name. A string of classic movies followed, including The Kid (1921), Modern Times (1936) and The Great Dictator (1940).

    This is an ink portrait of Charlie Chaplin in character as the Tramp by the Danish artist Carl Werner Skogholm. The drawing is dated 1952. Chaplin has signed to the right of his portrait “Yours truly, Charlie Chaplin”.

    The date means Chaplin likely signed around the release of Limelight (1952), in which he stars as a washed up former comedian. This is around the time he was barred from America for being a suspected communist. 

    The item is fixed to a paper backing with tape to the top left and bottom right corners. 

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  • Newfoundland 1927 (May 20) flown cover from St Johns to Italy. SG163

    Newfoundland 1927 (May 20) flown cover from St Johns to Italy, SG163, franked by 1927 (18 May) 60c black, type 87 'Air Mail/DE PINEDO/1927' opt in red (plated as pos. 39 of the setting of 50), tied by matching cancel, with Trepassey (MY 21 27) circular datestamp alongside. "ROMA/CETRO' (22 VI 27) machine backstamps.

    A fine example of this classic Airmail rarity. Only 300 were printed, of which 230 were used on correspondence.

    Accompanied with certificates of authenticity form the British Philatelic Association (2013) and Friedl (1980).

    Unitrade C4, catalogue price is $30,000 on cover.

    [NB This flight caused considerable excitement, as there had been an interval of four years since any flights had been made via Newfoundland, after the frenetic 1919-23 period. The stamps were overprinted while De Pinedo was still in New Brunswick, en route back to Italy as part of his pioneering 'round the Atlantic' flight in his flying boat 'Santa Maria II', via Cape Verde and South America. He landed at Trepassay on May 20th taking off again with the special mail on the 23rd, but had to ditch in the sea 200 miles west of the Azores. The flight resumed in June after repairs, via Lisbon and Barcelona, and finally arrived at Ostia on June 16th]. 

  • Great Britain 1840 1d Treasury competition essay by Robert Sievier. Essay

    Great Britain 1840 1d Treasury competition essay by Robert Sievier.

    Robert W. Sievier was an engraver, and later a noted sculptor. The one illustrated in this Treasury competition essay shows the central pattern embossed. It was proposed that the engine-turned surround be printed in two or three colours. He believed the stamps printed in such a complicated design in two processes and several colours would be extremely difficult to forge.

    A very fine full page example printed in pink and blue with white central embossed motif complete with his promotional narrative outlining his costs. He constructed a printing machine and estimated that he could produce one million impressions per day for as little as £6. 5s.

    Originally distributed in stitched copies of the No.65 'London and Westminster Review', and are now extremely scarce in this full page format. Printed on soft off-white wove paper, light and minor wrinkles as usually seen on these spectacular competition essays.

    An important piece of postal history regarding the invention of the prepaid adhesive postage stamp.

    Accompanied with a 2010 British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity.

    See GB Queen Victoria Specialised catalogue Vol 1. Pg 6 2010.

  • Great Britain 1881 1d Lilac (Die 1, Plates 1-8). SG170var

    Paul Fraser Collectible

    Great Britain 1881 1d Lilac (Die 1, Plates 1-8). SG170var


    Great Britain 1881 1d Lilac (Die 1, Plates 1-8)., SG170var.

    Very fine unused original gum set of eight top marginal imperforate imprimaturs.

    The 1d lilac was the result of a major change in policy. It came from a desire to unify the functions of Postage and Revenue stamps. The 1881 1d lilac was the First Unified Stamp. The first imprimatur in the set was registered on 23 May 1881.

    The GB Queen Victoria Specialised Catalogue, last published in 2011, quotes the price for a single imprimatur at £420.

    A wonderful and scarce set to assemble of such fine quality. 

  • Great Britain 1727-1769 George II Crown. GEF

    Paul Fraser Collectible

    Great Britain 1727-1769 George II Crown. GEF


    Great Britain Crown George II (1727-1760).

    Metal: Silver

    Type: Milled - Old head, Roses

    Mint Mark: 1743 Decimo Septimo

    Obverse: Laureate, cuirassed, draped old bust left.

    Reverse: Cruciform crowned shields, roses in angles, legend - Hanoverian titles.

    Superb condition piece - beautifully and evenly darkly tones with underlying lustre. Rare in this grade and difficult to better. The four roses in the angles between the shields on the reverse signify that the silver that this coin is made of, came from West Country mines. There are two different portraits used, the young head bust used from 1732 to 1741, followed by the oder bust (this coin) used from 1743 to 1751.

    George was the last British Monarch born outside Great Britain and was born and brought up in Northern Germany. He was also the last British Monarch to lead an army in Battle - in 1743 at the battle of Dettingen. In 1745, supporters of the Catholic claimant to the British Throne, James Francis Edward Stuart (''''The Old Pretender''''), led by James's son Charles Edward Stuart (''''The Young Pretender'''' or ''''Bonnie Prince Charlie'''') attempted and failed to depose George in the last of the Jacobite rebellions. His son Frederick died unexpectedly in 1751 leaving George's grandson to become George III.

  • Great Britain 1970 5d-1s9d Anniversaries. SG823a

    Paul Fraser Collectible

    Great Britain 1970 5d-1s9d Anniversaries. SG823a


    Great Britain 1970 5d-1s9d Anniversaries, events described on stamps, SG823a.

    Very fine used cover bearing a 1s9d with lemon (trousers and document) omitted, neatly tied to an illustrated first day cover by a London W.C./First Day of Issue circular date stamp for AP.1.1970.

    A scarce error. Pierron records only 3 examples used on First Day Covers.

    Accompanied with a 2012 British Philatelic Association (BPA) Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Great Britain 1902 10s Ultramarine. SG265

    Paul Fraser Collectible

    Great Britain 1902 10s Ultramarine. SG265


    Great Britain King Edward VII 1902 10s Ultramarine, SG265.

    A very fine and fresh well centred unmounted mint example with full original gum printed by De La Rue.

    Only 24 major-type definitive stamps were issued during the short reign of King Edward VII and this is an exceptional quality example.

    GB Specialised Catalogue No: M53(1). 

  • Queen signed album

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Queen signed self-titled album


    • A signed copy of Queen’s self-titled 1973 debut album 

    Queen, formed in London in 1970, are one of the most unique acts in rock history.. Led by flamboyant singer Freddie Mercury, one of the era’s most charismatic front men, their brand of bombastic, operatic rock proved hugely successful. Their career was cut short by Mercury’s death from complications caused by AIDS in 1991.  

    A copy of Queen’s 1973 self-titled debut album, bearing signatures from all four original members of the band (Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon). Housed in a 19 x 32 inch frame that also displays a black and white photograph. Rare and sought after.  

    Free global delivery. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included.