Orson Welles handwritten and signed Christmas card

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  • Intriguing Orson Welles handwritten and signed Christmas card

Welles writes to "Mrs Levy" to wish her and her family a "grand Xmas".

Written likely in the late 1920s/early 1930s when Orson Welles was a teenager at school.

Welles writes on two sides of a handmade Christmas card, measuring 3.5 x 6 inches, in black ink.

The card features a printed cartoon of Father Christmas in an aeroplane, with the message beneath: "Orson Welles wishes The Levy Family every holiday joy!"

The cartoon may be an Orson Welles original.

Welles signs the card with his first name in flamboyant style.

My dear Mrs Levy,

A horrible fear is knawing (sic) at my heart - did you receive my note answering your kind invitation? Just before I left school I found it in my desk - I only hope what I found was a copy - I remember having written two - if you didn’t get a word of response forgive my rudeness please - you may be annoyed to find me paying the family a call any one of these days - I’m dying to see you all again.

Have a grand xmas!


A wonderful piece of early memorabilia from the film titan.

Provenance: Ex. Stanley Gibbons

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