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  • Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson Authentic Lock of Hair

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Admiral Horatio Nelson Authentic Lock of Hair



    • An authentic lock of Admiral Horatio Nelson's hair presented in a circular agate box decorated with a gold band 

    Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) was a British naval officer famous for his victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

    Nelson was known for his superb leadership skills and somewhat unconventional strategies.

    Nelson was involved in battle almost constantly between 1793 until his death in 1805. During this time he lost the sight in his right eye at the Battle of Calvi in Corsica and lost his right arm at Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

    Admiral Lord Nelson is remembered as one of the greatest British war heroes in history. He died during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

    This is a generous, fine, blonde lock of Lord Nelson's hair.

    The hair is housed in a beautifully carved, circular agate box decorated with a gold band. The box measures 4.5cm in diameter. A fragmentary enamel plaque attached to the lid of the box reads "N….05". The box is thought to date from between 1800 and 1810.

    This hair closely conforms to the other known examples of Nelson's hair and the box is similar in form to a locket which contained a lock of Nelson's hair that sold for £44,000 at auction in January, 2011.

    That locket also contained hair thought to have belonged to Lady Emma Hamilton who is known to have received Nelson's hair among other effects, after his death.

    This is a very rare opportunity to own a considerable lock of Lord Nelson's hair, contained neatly in a beautiful antique presentation box.

    Free global delivery. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 


  • Charles Dickens signed document

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Charles Dickens signed document


    • A large and exceptional land lease signed by Charles Dickens 

    Charles John Huffman Dickens (1812-1870) is regarded as the greatest English writer of his age. His broad body of work includes some of the most celebrated novels ever written - including Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol.

    Dickens was born into a middle class family in Portsmouth, but his circumstances changed dramatically when his father was slung into a debtors’ prison in 1824. Dickens was forced to leave school and start work in a boot polish factory to support his family.

    While his father was freed a few months later, allowing Dickens to return to school, this formative experience left him burning with a righteous anger at the conditions the working classes had to endure.

    Charles John Huffman Dickens (1812-1870) created some of the world's most memorable fictional characters and is generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian Period. His works include A Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities, the best selling novel of all time.

    This exceptionally large document, measuring 26½ x 22 inches, is dated 21st March 1863. Boasting impeccable penmanship the document is an Indenture made between Charles Dickens ('Of Higham, in the County of Kent') and John Brooker, a local farmer for the lease of land.

    It relates to 'a piece or parcel of land or garden ground containing by estimation eight acres and sixteen perches or thereabouts as now stumped off formerly woodland part of a piece of land formerly called or known by the name of "Seeming Ruff" but now called "Scrubby Bushes" situate lying and being at or near a certain place called Gads Hill in the Parish of Higham in the County of Kent..."

    The document has been signed by Dickens in bold blue fountain pen at the base, either side of a red wax seal affixed to a small green ribbon.

    Dickens association with Gads Hill is well documented. In 1856 he purchased Gads Hill Place for £1,790. He had first encountered the house in 1821 when he was nine years old and would often walk from Chatham to Gads Hill Place.

    He later wrote "I used to look at it as a wonderful mansion (Which God knows it is not) when I was a very odd little child with the first faint shadows of all my books in my head - I suppose."

    35 years later he purchased the house, initially as an investment, and later as his personal country retreat before moving in permanently in June 1857.

    It was at Gads Hill Place that Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and his unfinished work The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

    One of the main characters in Edwin Drood is Stony Durdles the stonemason, who Dickens based on local farmer John Brooker, referenced in this Indenture. In 1897 Elliot Stock, in his book on Dickens' life, wrote "[In] the late veteran Mr John Brooker, of Higham (whose father planted the famous cedars at gads Hill Place), were recognised some of the better qualities and peculiarities of Stony Durdles"

    We've been racking our brains but can't think of another document that mentions both Charles Dickens and the real life inspiration of one of his characters.

    A truly interesting and unique item. Huge size makes for a very impressive display piece.

    Provenance: Ex Christie's 2008

  • Clyde Tombaugh Autographed Sketch of Solar System

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Clyde Tombaugh Autographed Sketch of Solar System


    • Signed sketch of the Solar System from astronomer Clyde Tombaugh
    • Learn more about this item here 

    American astronomer, Clyde Tombaugh (1906-1997) is most famous for discovering the planet Pluto in 1930. During his career he also discovered many asteroids, variable stars, star clusters, galaxy clusters and a galaxy supercluster.

    This is an original sketch by Clyde Tombaugh showing the orbit of Pluto in comparison to the orbits of Earth, Saturn and Neptune.

    The pencil sketch has been drawn on a sheet of off-white card measuring 5½" x 7½". There are several compass holes in the card but it is otherwise in fine condition.

    Tombaugh has titled the sketch "SOLAR SYSTEM" and has signed and inscribed "Drawn by Clyde Tombaugh, 18 Sept 1990" below the title.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • EH Shepard Autographed Drawing

    Paul fraser collectibles

    EH Shepard Autographed Drawing for Punch Magazine


    • Satirical illustration from EH Shepard for 1936 edition of Punch magazine
    • Original artwork signed by the Winnie the Pooh artist
    • Originates from the Shepard family's own holding
    • Discover more about this item here 

    Ernest Howard "EH" Shepard (1879-1976) was a popular cartoonist, perhaps most famous for his illustrations of Winnie the Pooh in the famous books by A.A. Milne. He is also known for bringing to life the characters in Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows.

    Shepard worked as a cartoonist for Punch magazine from 1921 until 1953, and his work is often thought of as somewhat gentle and uplifting. Fellow cartoonist John Jenson once said "Shepard moved from strength to strength, increasingly able to impose his quiet humour on otherwise grim and humourless topics."

    This original, signed drawing measures 8¼" x 7¾" and is mounted to an overall size of 15" x 15".

    The detailed drawing shows Mr Punch standing is his living room which is adorned with Christmas holly. Mr Punch is holding a copy of a newspaper whose headline reads "COAL DISPUTE" and looking at Toby the dog who is holding an empty scuttle and pointing to the small amount of coal on the fire.

    EH Shepard has autographed the original drawing in the bottom left hand corner.

    The drawing is a reference to the dispute that resulted from the Coal Mines Reorganisation Commission's proposal to regulate the production and supply of coal, and merge small mines.

    Headed "VOLUME CXC", it is thought that this particular drawing was used as the front cover of the volume of Punch magazine January to June 1936.

    This rare piece comes from the Shepard family's own holding.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included.  


  • Elle MacPherson Manolo Blahnik suede boots

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Elle Macpherson Manolo Blahnik suede boots


    • A stunning pair of Manolo Blahnik boots once owned by supermodel Elle Macpherson

    Elle Macpherson (born 1964) is an Australian businesswoman, television host, model, and actress who rose to prominence in the 1980s. 

    Elle Macpherson donated these leather lined black suede Manolo Blahnik boots to the Fashion cafe, of which she was a partner. The boots later featured in a charity auction to benefit the LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and the Performing Arts.

    Made in Italy, the boots are size 39½ (US8½), with one leather thigh strap missing.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Elton John Jumpsuit

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Elton John owned and worn jumpsuit


    • A jumpsuit worn by Elton John live onstage during a 1982 tour 
    • Find out more about this piece here 

    Flamboyant star Elton John (1947-) is a multi-award winning British musician, receiving a knighthood in 1998 for his talents and charitable work.

    Working as a prolific singer and songwriter, he has seen success in both fields, becoming a Fellow of the British Academy of Songwriters and Composers in 2004. He is patron to the arts and numerous charitable foundations.

    Elton has played to over 2 million people across 4 continents. To date, his 1997 single Candle in the Wind is his biggest selling with over 33 million copies sold.

    This is Elton's jumpsuit from his 1982 Jump Up tour. The metallic green, flying style jumpsuit with red fleece interior has 'Everest' printed down one arm and '29028' printed down one leg.

    Owned and worn by Elton. A rare piece of music memorabilia.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Tom Hanks' Forrest Gump Army fatigue jacket

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Forrest Gump army fatigue jacket signed by Tom Hanks


    • An army jacket from the wardrobe department of Forrest Gump (1994), signed by star Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks (Born 1956) is an American Actor and Director and two time Oscar winner. Released in the United States on July 6, 1994, Forrest Gump received critical acclaim and was the top grossing film in North America that year, generating $677m at the box office.

    An army fatigue jacket from the wardrobe department of the Forrest Gump movie, signed clearly by Tom Hanks on the sleeve in black marker pen.In excellent condition.

    Provenance: Ex The Dick Clark Collection

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included.

  • John Wayne Signed Stetson Cowboy Hat

    Paul fraser collectibles

    John Wayne Signed Stetson Cowboy Hat


    • Vintage Stetson cowboy hat owned, worn and signed by Hollywood icon John Wayne
    • Learn more about this item here 

    John Wayne (1907-1979) was an American film actor, director and producer, known to many simply as 'Duke'.

    He appeared in more than 170 films over the course of a 50 year career, including 83 westerns, cementing his reputation as one of the most iconic leading men of all time.

    His most famous films included The Searchers, Rio Bravo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Shootist, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and True Grit – for which he won the 1970 Academy Award for Best Actor.

    John Wayne personified the ultimate American hero, a rugged cowboy who survives amongst outlaws in the wilderness, and his timeless masculinity means he remains highly popular almost 40 years after his death.

    This cream-coloured stetson-style hat was made by Bailey of Hollywood, and bears John Wayne's autograph in bold blue ink on the brim.

    A superb display piece owned, worn and signed by the greatest cowboy in cinema history.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 
  • Lady Gaga Manifesto of Little Monsters mask

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Lady Gaga Manifesto of Little Monsters mask


    • A mask worn by Lady Gaga on her 2009-2011 Monster's Ball tour 

    Lady Gaga (1986- ) is an American recording artist,activist, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, philanthropist, and actress who has sold over 125 million singles worldwide.

    Gaga worn items are exceptionally rare on the collectors market. In a Harper's Bazaar interview in February 2014 Gaga explained:

    "The fashion I've acquired over the years is so sacred to me -- from costumes to couture, high fashion to punk wear I've collected from my secret international hot spots...I keep everything in an enormous archive in Hollywood."

    This is Lady Gaga's mask worn in her 'Manifesto of Little Monsters' short film from her Monster's Ball Tour. The mask was made by the celebrated Franc Fernandez who also designed Gaga's infamous meat costume that she wore to the 2010 MTV Awards.

    In very good condition. A UNIQUE piece of Lady Gaga music memorabilia. Check out the video below: 1'14" in.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 


  • Leon Trotsky Autographed Letter

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Leon Trotsky Autographed Letter


    • Typewritten letter from Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky showing a superb example of his autograph
    • Contains references to some of the most important people and events in his life
    • Learn more about this item here 

    Leon Trotsky was a Russian marxist revolutionary and theorist, who played an instrumental role in the 1917 revolution and servied as the founder and commander of the Red Army. However, he soon came to oppose Joseph Stalin's policies during the 1920s and was later exiled to Mexico, where he was assassinated on Stalin's orders.

    His memorabilia is of great historical importance and, with the rise of Russia's middle-class, is becoming highly sought after as more collectors join the market. Those pieces that are not already housed in institional collections are quickly snapped up by private collectors.

    This one page typed letter is written in French and signed by Trotsky. Measuring 7¼ x 11" and dated May 6, 1939, Trotsky writes to his lawyer, Gerard Rosenthal:

    "We have received with delay the new copy of the letter of Jeanne Molinier concerning the documents and things left by Leon, the first copy of which had been burned on the 'Paris'

    "All the precautionary measures will naturally be taken to ensure that the handing over of the documents be protected from possible attacks"

    The Paris is an ocean liner that caught fire in April 1939. Leon was Trotsky's son (and husband of Jeanne Molinier) who died in a Paris hospital in 1938 following an unsuccessful appendectomy, some say as a result of Stalin's orders.

    At the centre of the family conflict were bundles of documents belonging to Trotsky that were in Molinier's possession. The majority of these survived, and are now held in three major collections at Harvard University, Amsterdam's International Institute for Social History and Stanford University.

    This letter serves as a who's who in Trotksy's life while in exile in Mexico. Rosenthal was his attorney and agent in Paris as well as a member of the French Bolshevik-Leninist movement.

    An intriguing piece of correspondence which carries with it all of the mystery and intrigue of Stalinist Russia.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Madonna Handwritten Lyrics

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Madonna handwritten song lyrics


    • A sheet of handwritten song lyrics from Madonna, the Queen of Pop

    • Learn more about this item here 

    Madonna (1958-) is a globally-successful singer, toppling the music charts internationally since the 1980s. She is famed and admired for her ability to constantly reinvent her image.

    Madonna has reached a staggering level of success, selling over 250 million records, achieving the Guinness World Record for the world's most successful female recording artist of all time.

    These lyrics for an unreleased song were handwritten by Madonna in blue ballpoint pen.

    The 22-line manuscript originate from the personal collection of Darlene Lutz, Madonna's long-time friend who served as her personal art consultant for many years.

    The page of lined yellow paper measures 8.5" x 11", and is in good condition.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Madonna worn black satin underslip

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Madonna worn black satin underslip from 1990 photoshoot


    • A black underslip worn by Madonna in a 1990 promotional photoshoot 

    Madonna (1958-) is a globally-successful singer, toppling the music charts internationally since the 1980s. She is famed and admired for her ability to constantly reinvent her image.

    Madonna has reached a staggering level of success, selling over 250 million records, achieving the Guinness World Record for the world's most successful female recording artist of all time.

    This black satin underslip with adjustable shoulder straps was owned and worn by Madonna as seen and used on Sire Records 1990 promotional photo, a 10x8 of which is included in the sale.

    Excellent item with rarely seen photographic provenance.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Marc Bolan's Afghan jacket

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Marc Bolan's Afghan coat


    • Your chance to own T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan's personally owned and worn Afghan coat 
    • Learn more about this piece here 

    Marc Bolan (1947-1977) was an English singer-songwriter, poet and guitarist. He is best known as the frontman of glam rock band T. Rex. This three-quarter-length Afghan coat features grey patchwork with a pale fleece lining, with hook and eye fastening to the front.

    The coat was owned and worn by Marc Bolan, and acquired directly from his estate by the organiser of the 'Official Marc Bolan Fan Club'. The estate enrolled his help in dealing with various items of Marc's personal effects, including this coat.

    Bolan's memorabilia is increasing in value and becoming increasingly difficult to find. We recently sold a Marc Bolan signed set of typed lyrics for £4,500.

    A great opportunity to own an iconic piece of rock memorabilia at a sensible price.

    Exceptional provenance: Ex Christie's, Popular Culture: Rock and Pop Memorabilia. 

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 




  • Marilyn Monroe Autographed Magazine Cut-Out

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Marilyn Monroe Autographed Magazine Cut-Out


    • Magazine cut out signed by Marilyn Monroe during filming for The Asphalt Jungle (1950) - one of her earliest roles 
    • A rare autograph from the beginning of her career 

    Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) needs little introduction. An actress, model and entertainer, she is perhaps the most recognisable of all screen icons.

    As such, her memorabilia is highly sought after, and continues to be widely collected across the world.

    This magazine cut-out, 3.75" x 2.25", features an early autograph from Marilyn Monroe. 

    The star signs in black pen below a black and white photograph taken on the set of The Asphalt Jungle. 

    She was a total unknown when the movie was made, but within three years she'd be a star. Few autographs exist from her early years and collectors are quick to snatch them up when they appear.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Oliver Hardy Autographed Divorce Document

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Oliver Hardy Autographed Divorce Document


    • An original document signed by Oliver Hardy, one half of seminal double act Laurel & Hardy

    Oliver Hardy was an American comedian and actor, most famous for being one half of the popular comedy duo Laurel & Hardy. He's a central figure in the highly collectable Hollywood silent era. Any item from Oliver Hardy is coveted by collectors.

    Hardy has autographed this 28 page softbound copy of California Supreme Court Case #13874 in black ink on the top right hand corner of the front cover.

    The document, which features some light toning and handling wear, covers Hardy's ex-wife's follow-up suit for more alimony following their 1937 divorce. Within the document, Myrtle Lee Hardy claims that Oliver had fallen short on the yearly payments that had been agreed upon in the original divorce case.

    The judge concluded that Myrtle was not liable for any additional alimony. Just a few years later, Hardy fell in love with script girl Virginia Lucille Jones. They remained happily married until his death in 1956.

    An excellent document providing an insight into the private life of one of America's best loved comedians. 

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Frank James Signed Letter

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Outlaw Frank James handwritten letter


    • A touching handwritten love letter by one of the most legendary outlaws of the Old West, Frank James
    • Find out more about this item here 

    Frank James (1843 – 1915) was a U.S Civil War Confederate guerrilla and notorious Old West outlaw.

    Together with his younger brother Jesse James, he helped established the James-Younger Gang, which robbed banks, trains, and stagecoaches throughout the southern states.

    The gang cultivated a reputation as folk heroes, with help from the editor of the Kansas City Times, who published Jesse James' letters and proclaimed him to be a modern-day Robin Hood.

    The gang's spree of robberies and murder lasted from 1866 until 1876, when several members were killed or captured during a disastrous raid on the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota.

    Frank James retired from his life of crime soon after, but his brother Jesse struggled to adapt to normal life, and formed a new gang which continued to operate for several years.

    Following the murder of Jesse by fellow gang member Robert Ford in 1882, Frank James feared for his own life and surrendered to the authorities, stating:

    "I have been hunted for twenty-one years, have literally lived in the saddle, have never known a day of perfect peace. It was one long, anxious, inexorable, eternal vigil."

    He was tried for his roles in two robberies/murders in Missouri and Alabama, and was acquitted in both cases, before returning to Oklahoma to live with his family.

    For the next 30 years Frank James held a variety of jobs, including a shoe salesman, an AT&T telegraph operator and even a ticket taker in a burlesque theatre.

    He also gave public lectures on the Old West, invested in Buckskin Bill's Wild West Show, and gave tours of the James family farm, where he eventually passed away in 1915 at the age of 72.

    Frank James and Ann Ralston

    The story of how Frank James first met Ann Ralston remains somewhat of a mystery.

    She was the highly-educated daughter of a wealthy businessman, and was working as a teacher when she suddenly eloped with James in the summer of 1875.

    Her parents received a letter which read simply "Dear Mother: I am married and going West. Annie Reynolds", and were distraught at her disappearance.

    It wasn't until several months later that they discovered their new son-in-law was one of the country's most wanted men.

    In 1876 Ann's father arranged for a New York newspaper article about the marriage, to ensure his family was not linked to the criminal gang

    "The James brothers, who are, with the Younger boys, creating so much stir just now, have had a love scrape, or at least one of them has. But this love affair is different from all other love affairs. No one who knows anything of the career of the James brothers would expect them to woo, win and marry like other people...

    "Mr. Ralston has had no connection or communication with the train robbers whatever. His daughter he has not seen since she left home, a year and one month ago.

    "If she is alive she will not write home, lest her letters should guide the officers to her husband's retreat. If she was dead Frank James would have notified her parents. So they can only rest patiently in the uncertainty of perhaps seeing their daughter again."

    Ralston never returned home, but despite the dramatic nature of their courtship and Frank's life of crime, they maintained a happy and stable marriage.

    They had a son, Robert Franklin James, and following Frank's surrender and subsequent acquittal for murder in 1883, they remained together until his death in 1915.

    Ann Ralston James lived out the rest of her days on the James family farm, before passing away in 1944, and the couple's ashes were buried together at Hill Park Cemetery in Jackson County, Missouri.

    The letter

    The letter, dated July 7, 1883, was written by James to his wife whilst he was in jail in Gallatin, Missouri.

    James was awaiting trial for murder and robbery of the Rock Island Line train at Winston, Missouri, in which the train engineer William Westfall and a passenger Frank McMillan were killed.

    Having spent a year in custody, James' trial began on August 20, and lasted just three days, before the jury returned a resounding verdict of 'not guilty'.

    The tender love letter reveals James to be both highly romantic and highly literate.

    Although he lived much of his life as a violent outlaw, he had been raised as a preacher's son surrounded by books, and during his youth developed a love for the works of Shakespeare.

    James was said to always carry a book in his saddle bag, even when he was on the run from the law, and he shared this passion for literature with Ann throughout their 40-year marriage.

    Here's the text in full:

    My dear wife,

    Your dear letter of the 1st was handed to me not exceeding an hour ago. It arrived here on the third, at least it is as marked. Now I sent foreword .. in this manner. There are very few men in this world that care anything for their wives, that they naturally suppose that all men are alike.

    How badly they are deceived. If there is anything on this earth that is half as dear to me as my wife I have failed to find it. You are everything to me and the only living human being that has ever possessed my whole love, my entire confidence, the only one that ever will and I feel as that love and confidence will never be abused.

    I have lived as I think to see all my fondest hopes realised. Long years ago I hoped and prayed that god would give me a true woman for my wife and i feel as if he has done so and anyone who has had a chance for happiness in this belief is more fortunate than the possessor of a thousand worlds.

    I am trying to pass the time reading and writing - I regret that I am deprived of your beauty and I am writing to suffer that I have no visitors as told you in last.

    Enclosed I send you an editorial from the trenchant pen of Rob M Yast that I think a grand effort.

    I suppose you remember the circumstances of Jarvis shooting Englehart. Yast talks of love and forgiveness & Jarvis has shown that he possessed both - as also has Yast. He’s shown himself to be a true friend of me and mine.

    Yast seems a man of most liberal whims. I dare say nine out of every ten would say that they would not forgive Jarvis for what he has done. Yet if it is the means of reclaiming the human I don't think he will ever regret it.

    Regarding mamma, this may not be interesting to you but it has been to me. I had a letter from ma today, she feels disappointed as you did not visit...

    I supposed it was useless to ask you again so will end further requests. I also had one further service. she also sends her kindness in regards to you and asked why you did not write. Please write her and let her know I will write Monday again.

    When you write, write me care of Sherriff - I don’t think he will read them.

    He has not opened any of my letters for a long time and if he should that would be better than not to get them so long after they’re written. I will kiss you both good night - write often your loving Ben/ f**k it is raining hard at this time.

    James autographs the letter as 'Ben', a protective alias that he used when writing to his loved ones.

    The single page letter, with text on both sides, measures 203 by 126mm, with fold creases and bleeding of ink in some sections.

    A remarkable piece of history, which offers a personal insight into one of the Old West's most legendary figures.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Paul Signac Autograph Manuscript

    Paul Fraser Collectibles

    Paul Signac four pages of sketches


    • A fascinating four-sided, two-page manuscript of sketches by one of the most significant French artists of the 20th century, Paul Signac
    • Find out more about this piece here 

    Paul Signac (1863-1935) was a French Neo-Impressionist painter who developed the style of Pointilism along with George Seurat.

    Signac worked alongside many of the greatest artists of the era, including Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Camille Pissarro and Odilon Redon, and shared a close friendship with Vincent van Gough.

    In 1884 Signac was one of the four founding members of the Société des Artistes Indépendants, an association which hosted major exhibitions and set important artistic trends for more than three decades.

    He also wrote several important works on the theory of art, and throughout his life served as both an inspiration and a patron to younger artists.

    This four sided manuscript features a series of pencil drawings and sketches, along with lengthy annotations in French which offer an insight into Paul Signac's artistic process.

    The rough illustrations on page one of the manuscript include notes referring to colours and background scenery of a possible future work:

    "Opposite a white palace, with pink line, harmony in pink, with green blinds… Communal Palace.. retouching Gozzoli virgin fresco…blue background…"

    The second side features four individual sketches, with figures and religious imagery such as a virgin and an angel. These scenes are accompanied by notes, which read in part:

    "The small virgin in white,…right wall with chorus, landscape with sun, white, pink…a clown scene with the dog and cat under the bed...the chapel of St. Martin…"

    The third side includes a lengthy annotation which reads in part "...the dry aspect that the murals research and the shapes can achieve…", along with a quick line sketch which is developed more fully on the fourth page.

    This second version of the sketch depicts a small cottage on a shoreline, with a large cliff face rising up behind it.

    Signac had a love of sailing, spending many summers throughout his life exploring the French coast, and the shorelines in the South of France – perhaps including this very scene - were amongst his most popular subjects.

    Free global shipping. 28-day returns. Certificate of Authenticity and our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity included. 

  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir Handwritten Letter

    Paul fraser collectibles

    Pierre Auguste Renoir Handwritten Letter


    • Fantastic handwritten and autographed letter from leading Impressionist painter Pierre-August Renoir
    • Addressed to Madame Marguerite Charpentier, the subject of one of his most famous works
    • In excellent condition, with only light toning and folds
    • Click here to read more about this item 

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was a French artist and leading painter in the development of Impressionism. Today, he is considered among the finest Impressionists and his work continues to sell for outstanding sums at auction.

    Renoir began work as a painter in a porcelain factory in 1854. In 1862, he entered the studio of Gleyre where he formed lasting friendships with Monet, Sisley and Bazille.

    Renoir's art has instant appeal, and the artist freely communicated the joy he took in them. He was once quoted as saying, "Why shouldn't art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world."

    This superb letter was sent from Pierre-Auguste Renoir to Madame Marguerite Charpentier (who is portrayed in Renoir's "Madame Charpentier with Her Children" in 1886. Written in French, it translates as:

    "The Petit exposition having ended, there remains only for me to thank you...As I hear you are not in Paris, won't you please drop a word to Petit so that he might know if he should bring your paintings or hold it until your return. I am in Brittany in a wonderful place and I am working. A thousand good wishes to Georges and kisses to the children. Your good and sincere friend. Renoir."

    This letter reflects an important time in Renoir's career. Madame Charpentier, who was married to publisher George Charpentier (whose stable of authors included Gustave Flaubert, Emile Zola and the Goncourt brothers), was said to have been extremely pleased with Renoir's painting of her and her children, and used her profound influence among France's creative elite to ensure that it was hung in a prominent spot of the 1879 Salon exhibition.

    She also introduced Renoir to several of her influential friends, which led to major commissions for the artist and helped boost his career. The letter sees Renoir once again thanking Madame Charpentier for her patronage.

    "Petit" is a reference to Georges Petit, an extremely influential Parisian art dealer, who was hugely important in the promotion of Impressionist artists, frequently exhibiting their works in his gallery.

    A review of auction results shows that no other letters from Renoir to his benefactor, Madame Charpentier, have been up for sale in at least 40 years.

    The letter, which is in excellent condition, with some light toning and folding as is typical of documents of this age, is accompanied by a beautiful black and white photograph of Renoir.

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  • Abraham Lincoln Bedroom Wallpaper

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    President Abraham Lincoln Bedroom Wallpaper


    • Seven fragments of wallpaper from Abraham Lincoln's bedroom in Springfield, Illinois 
    • Get the full story here 

    Abraham Lincoln was elected 16th president of the United States in March 1861, during a time of great upheaval. The big issue of the time was slavery, with Lincoln coming down firmly on the side of abolition.

    In response a confederacy of southern states seceded from the US, sparking a civil war. Lincoln is credited with piloting the Union to victory and ending slavery in North America. Sadly he did not live to see the changes he enacted brought in. He was assassinated as he sat in a theatre box in Washington, DC on April 14, 1865.

    Before he left for Washington, DC in 1861, Lincoln and his family lived at 413 South Eighth Street in Springfield. The house was built by Rev. Charles Dresser who married Abraham and Mary in November 1842.

    Rev. Dresser sold the home to Lincoln in 1844 for $1500. In the mid 1850s, the home was raised to a full story residence. 

    These unique fragments of wallpaper come from Abraham and Mary Lincoln's bedroom at the north end of the second floor. 

    Future custodians of the house included Mrs Lincoln's nephew, Albert S. Edwards and his wife Mrs Mary Edwards Brown.

    Mary removed and kept these wallpaper fragments after redecorating. In 1956 she sold them to Dorothy Kunhardt, daughter of Frederick Hill Meserve. Following Dorothy's death in 1979, her unique collection of Lincoln memorabilia was sold off. 

    The largest fragment here measures approximately 3 x 2.5 inches and the smallest measures approximately 1 x1 inch. It's an exceptional piece of Lincoln memorabilia. If only these walls could talk... 

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  • President George Washington Autographed Lottery Ticket
    On sale

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    President George Washington Autographed Lottery Ticket

    £18,000.00 £14,500.00

    President George Washington Autographed Lottery Ticket

    • Rare Mountain Road Lottery ticket signed by the young Colonel George Washington
    • One of only 25 known to exist
    • Excellent condition compared to many existing examples

    George Washington (1732-1799) was the first President of the United States and a respected leader who helped steer the course of history during the American Revolutionary War. He is looked upon fondly by Americans as one of the great Founding Fathers.

    At the time of signing, he had recently married Martha and moved with her to Mount Vernon near Alexandria, Virginia. Here, he became one of the richest men in Virginia, living the life of planter and politician.

    He expanded the Mount Vernon estate to an impressive size and began to show more interest in politics, as he presented the Virginia Assembly with legislation to the importation of goods from Great Britain.

    During this time, he was also an active leader of the Virginia social elite, inviting some of the most prominent figures to his estate. He lived the life of an aristocrat, enjoying fox hunting and dances, as well as the theatre, racing and cock fights.

    It is likely that his dislike of British rule began with the Mountain Road Lottery, as during preparations, the British banned all lotteries and his plans were drastically altered.


    This partially-printed page measures 2 7/8" x 1 3/8" and is in fine condition, with some light staining to the top and lower borders. The 1768 Mountain Road lottery ticket reads:

    1768. This Ticket [No. 173] shall entitle the Possessor to whatever Prize may happen to be drawn against it's [sic] Number in the Mountain Road Lottery

    The document is signed in brown/black ink, Go. Washington. Washington's autograph is particularly fine and demonstrates his flourishing, expressive penmanship.

    A fine filigree-style border design surrounds the text. Its intricate nature was possibly an attempt to avoid forgeries.


    In 1768, a lottery was organised to fund road works in the area of Mountain Road. Improvements were needed in order to access the hot springs of Bath County, reputed to have healing properties. Washington acted as manager of the lottery. His signature on the tickets added credibility to the venture.

    However, the lottery was never completed, as the British banned all lotteries just as tickets were selling. Perhaps this is the very point at which Washington's dislike of British rule began.


    As Washington died over 200 years ago, it can be difficult to find examples of his signature that remain in good condition.

    Being the first President of the United States, and a very popular figure from American history, Washington memorabilia is much sought after by both museums and private collectors. The combination of the lack of good quality Washington memorabilia and the high demand for it makes his signature very rare.


    In 2009, a letter in which Washington argues in support of the adoption of the proposed new Constitution sold for $3,218,500. Another handwritten letter by the Founding Father sold for $834,500 back in 2009.

    As well as handwritten letters, examples of the President's autograph can also sell for significant sums. In 2010, Paul Fraser Collectibles sold an accounts document signed by Washington for £29,950.

    This is a rare opportunity to own a fine example of the first President of the United States' signature

  • Prince John Signed Photograph

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    Prince John Signed Photograph


    • Rare photograph of "The Lost Prince", Prince John
    • Clear, bold and rare example of his autograph
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    Prince John (1905-1919) was the youngest son of Queen Mary and King George V. John suffered from severe epilepsy, and due to his illness he was hidden from the public eye. He died on 18 January 1919, at only 13 years-old, following a severe seizure.

    His life is portrayed in an award-winning miniseries entitled The Lost Prince. This has attracted a new wave of collectors to his memorabilia, which remains extremely rare due to his short and secretive life.

    This exceptional item is a rare vintage photographic postcard of John with his favourite dog. The photograph, which features some slight wear to the edges but is otherwise in very good condition, is signed "Johnny 1918" in black fountain pen ink in the lower right hand corner.

    This wonderful photograph, which shows John's autograph clearly, is a very rare piece of royal history.

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  • Ronnie Wood Autographed Original Sketch

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    Ronnie Wood Autographed Original Sketch


    • Autograph from Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood
    • Added self-portrait caricature from the well-known artist

    Ronnie Wood (born 1947) is a celebrated musician and artist, who has spent more than 40 years as a member of The Rolling Stones.

    Wood began his music career with The Birds, before joining The Jeff Beck Group as a bassist in 1967 and releasing two successful albums.

    In 1969 he left the band to join Faces along with Rod Stewart, and co-wrote classic songs such as 'Stay With Me' and 'Ooh La La', along with releasing four hit albums and a solo album.

    In 1974 Wood unofficially joined The Rolling Stones, replacing the departing Mick Taylor, and has remained a permanent member of the band ever since.  

    In addition to his career as a musician, Wood is an accomplished and respected artist whose work has been exhibited around the world.

    This magnificent original sketch is thought to be a self-caricature of the rock star. A superb piece of music memorabilia and testament to Wood's creative talent.

    Measuring 7.5 x 10 inches, the piece is in excellent condition and bears Wood's autograph clearly beneath the sketch. 

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  • Sir Oliver Leese (WWII general) Personal Photograph Albums

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    Sir Oliver Leese (WWII general) Personal Photograph Albums


    • Photograph album of Sir Oliver Leese, 3rd Baronet, KCB, CBE, DSO - British general and commander of the Eighth Army
    • Contains 200 photographs charting the general's career
    • Includes many handwritten notations, with many of the photographs dated

    Lieutenant General Sir Oliver Leese (1894-1978) was a British General during World War II, who succeeded Bernard Montgomery as commander of the Eighth Army.

    He also served during World War I, commissioned into the Coldstream Guards. Having been wounded three, including during the Somme offensive of 1916 (for which he was Mentioned in Despatches and awarded the DSO).

    Following the First World War, Leese carved an illustrious career in the army, serving as the Deputy Chief of Staff of the British Expeditionary Force and training the 29th Infantry Brigade.

    As commander of the Eighth Army, he was present as the fourth and final Battle of Monte Cassino. He also commanded the army for Operation Olive on the Gothic Line later in 1944.

    This item is a wonderful collection of over 200 black and white photographs mounted into two large albums, covering Leese's life from 1906-1914 and 1927-1938.

    The beautiful albums, which contain slight age wear to the spine, contain many early images of Leese with his fellow students alongside trophies for cricket, rugby and football.

    Beneath most of the images, which are of varying sizes, are notes annotated by Leese, identifying the dates, occasions and subjects of the photographs. A few pages have been neatly removed from the albums, but otherwise they are in fine condition.

    These high-quality photographs provide a wonderful insight into Lee's career prior to World War II. 

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  • Stan Laurel Autographed Letter

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    Stan Laurel Autographed Letter


    • Letter signed by Stan Laurel - one half of comedy duo Laurel & Hardy
    • Written to news anchorman Glenn Laxton concerning Laurel's early career

    Stan Laurel (1890-1965) is one half of legendary comedy duo Laurel & Hardy, who were extremely popular from the 1920s to the 1940s, and featured in over 100 films. Silly, slender Laurel and rotund, pompous Hardy captured the hearts of millions through their original, slapstick comedy.

    This is a typed letter from Stan Laurel to cable television news anchorman, Glen Laxton, dated June 9, 1958. The letter, which features some hinges and archive folding, measures 11.8” x 8.4” and is accompanied by its original envelope which measures 6.75” x 3.75”

    Laxton first contacted Laurel at the age of 15 offering his support following Oliver Hardy’s death. Laurel answered almost immediately and Laxton claims that since then, he received over 50 letters from the comedian. Click here to read an interview with Glen Laxton regarding his correspondence with Laurel.

    This typed letter, written just 8 months after the death of Oliver Hardy reads:

    Dear Glenn:-

    Thanks yours 4th.inst.

    My start in Show Bus. was due to the fact, that I was born of a Theatrical Family, so I just grew up in the profession & followed my Father's footsteps. No, I never appeared in a Circus, altho my Father owned at one time in England, and also operated 6 legitimate theatres, beside authoring & producing several Dramatic shows in which he appeared with my Mother - my Brothers & Sister too were in the business. I came to this Country in 1910 in a Vaudeville show with Charlie Chaplin, it was a troupe called Fred Karno's London Comedians, we had a repertoire of sketches, the most well known was titled "A Night in An English Music Hall".

    Yes, Babe had a nice Tenor voice, he used to be a Boy Tenor in Minstrel Shows - Quartettes Etc. that deep voice you mention in "Way Out West" was not mine, a colored fellow sang while I just 'mouthed' the lyrics for comedy effect. I do'nt think seperate recordings were ever recorded of that particular number.

    The TV reception is much better at the new place, we can get all 7 channels. Well, think this covers your questions, so bye for now.

    Regards & best wishes Glenn.

    Sincerely:- Stan Laurel

    Laurel has autographed the letter “Stan” above his typed name.

    A beautiful personal letter from Stan Laurel with impeccable provenance.

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  • Star Wars Original Props from Episode IV: A New Hope

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    Star Wars Original Props from Episode IV: A New Hope


    • Three fibreglass pieces of Krayt Dragon bone that appear in the original 1977 film Star Wars

    Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), written and directed by George Lucas, was the first of the Star Wars films to be released. It is the fourth film in terms of the series' internal chronology.

    The film cost $11 million to make and earned $460 million in the US and $337 million elsewhere. The film won six Academy Awards including Best Visual Effects and Best Music, Original Score.

    This superb prop is three pieces of screen-used Krayt Dragon bone. The skeleton appears during C-3PO's trek in the Dune Sea in the opening minutes of the film.

    The off-white/grey pieces are made of fibreglass and measure approximately 8 x 3 inches, 3.5 x 2.5 inches and 3 x 2.5 inches.

    The pieces are mounted with a picture of the dragon's skeleton from the film and a gold presentation plaque reading "Star Wars, Krayt Dragon Bone".

    A remarkable prop from one of the most important sci-fi films of the 20th century.

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  • Walt Disney Signed Animation Cel

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    Walt Disney Signed Animation Cel


    • An original production-used animation cel signed and inscribed by Walt Disney

    Walt Disney (1901 – 1966) was an animator, film producer and entrepreneur renowned for creating Mickey Mouse and establishing one of the world's most famous film studios.

    Disney is regarded as one of animation's greatest pioneers, and he produced landmark feature films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo and Fantasia.

    Disney currently holds the record for the number of Academy Awards won by an individual, having won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations.

    In 1955 Disney also oversaw the creation of Disneyland, the world's most successful theme park, which to date has attracted more than 650 million visitors.

    Today Walt Disney is regarded as one of the most significant and iconic cultural figures of the 20th century. 

    This hand-painted gouache-on-celluloid animation cel was created for the film Melody Time, the 10th theatrically released animated feature produced by Walt Disney, released in May 1948. 

    It was the last anthology feature the studio produced, and featured seven short animations set to popular songs, in the same manner as the classic Fantasia.

    This animation cel and background is taken from the segment Once Upon a Wintertime, and depicts two ice skaters dancing together, along with a pair of rabbits dancing behind them.

    Once Upon a Wintertime's stylised backgrounds were created by Mary Blair, the highly influential Disney concept artist who worked on features such as Cinderella and Sleeping beauty, and who helped design the popular Disneyland ride It's a Small World.

    The mount of the image is signed and inscribed "To Ann Shelton, All Best Wishes, Walt Disney", and is dated circa 1951.

    Anne Shelton, OBE (1923 - 1994) was a British singer renowned for her work entertaining troops during WWII.

    Shelton performed for soldiers throughout the war, touring military bases and hosting the radio show Calling Malta which was broadcast throughout Europe.

    She later recorded several hit songs including ''Galway Bay' and 'Be Mine', which were also popular in the U.S and led to her touring America in 1951.

    It's believed that Shelton acquired this animation cel as a gift from Walt Disney during that tour.

    Disney's inscription and signature are signed in pencil. The image has been mounted, framed and glazed to an overall size of 39.3 x 43.7cm (approx. 15.4" x 17.2").

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