Pink Sapphires & Tourmaline Earrings

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18 Kt White Gold Chandelier earrings featuring 3 ct white natural diamonds, 5,69 ct natural ruby and pink sapphires with 17.35 ct central cabouchon tourmalines

More Information

Dimensions: 18 Kt White Gold earrings 3 ct diamond, 5,69 ct ruby and pink sapphire and 17.35 ct central tourmaline
Earring Type: Drops
Earring Shape: Wide Oval
Pendant Size: Large
Gemstones: Tourmaline
Gemstone details: Ruby and Pink Sapphires, diamonds with central intense natural pink tourmaline
Material: 18kt White Gold Plated
Colour: Pink
Finish: Polished
Weight: (grams) 34.000000

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