22kt Yellow Gold 9 Bangle Set

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The 22kt Yellow Gold 9 Bangle Set by JANNAH GEMS. 22kt Solid Gold.

The set comes in seven thinner bangles and two thicker bangles.

These are made showing a diamond dust on the bangles and is a very special kind of work, they are created using a laser machine also the weight of these is approx. 111g in 22kt gold.

Dimensions: 2.6 inch diameter

About The Designer

JANNAH GEMS was founded by designer Atiyya Noori, who specialises in creating bespoke jewellery pieces using fine gold and high-quality sourced gemstones. JANNAH GEMS is dedicated to making the wearer feel as special as the designs that they are wearing.

More Information

Dimensions: 2.6 inch diameter
Material: 22kt Yellow Gold
Colour: Gold
Days To Make: 21
Weight: (grams) 0.050000

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