Admiral Horatio Nelson Authentic Lock of Hair

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  • An authentic lock of Admiral Horatio Nelson's hair presented in a circular agate box decorated with a gold band

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) was a British naval officer famous for his victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

Nelson was known for his superb leadership skills and somewhat unconventional strategies.

Nelson was involved in battle almost constantly between 1793 until his death in 1805. During this time he lost the sight in his right eye at the Battle of Calvi in Corsica and lost his right arm at Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

Admiral Lord Nelson is remembered as one of the greatest British war heroes in history. He died during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

This is a generous, fine, blonde lock of Lord Nelson's hair.

The hair is housed in a beautifully carved, circular agate box decorated with a gold band. The box measures 4.5cm in diameter. A fragmentary enamel plaque attached to the lid of the box reads "N….05". The box is thought to date from between 1800 and 1810.

This hair closely conforms to the other known examples of Nelson's hair and the box is similar in form to a locket which contained a lock of Nelson's hair that sold for £44,000 at auction in January, 2011.

That locket also contained hair thought to have belonged to Lady Emma Hamilton who is known to have received Nelson's hair among other effects, after his death.

This is a very rare opportunity to own a considerable lock of Lord Nelson's hair, contained neatly in a beautiful antique presentation box.

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