SWAZILAND 1890 1s Swaziland Government/Committee violet handstamp on blue paper

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Swaziland 1890 1s 'SWAZILAND GOVERNMENT/COMMITTEE' violet handstamp on blue paper, vertical strip of 4, each stamp cancelled with M/S 'Stamp' and signature.

Despite some faults (unobtrusive thin & creases), this is an important and remarkable piece, proving a vertical sheet format of at least five rows, and the largest known multiple of any value from this issue.

These rather primitive looking issues were the first Revenue stamps issued by Swaziland in 1890. They were issued by the Triumvirate Government, called the Swazieland Government Committee Revenues. They were specifically issued to receipt fees levied on legal work and on documents and procedures brought before the Chief Court, which revenue funded the legal system of Swaziland at the time.

Provenance: Ex: Peter van der Molen, South Africa.

Illustrated on p.480 of the 2013 Swaziland Handbook by Peter Van der Molen. Barefoot Catalogue No: 2.

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