England, Aethelred II – Silver Penny AD 978AD - 1016AD

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King (reign): Aethelred II (978AD - 1016AD) Denomination/metal: Silver Penny Date/mint mark: 1009-1017 Type Last small cross type Penny (1009- 17), BMC type Ic, Elfwine of Colchester Mint. Ref. no: N 777; S 1154 Obv. Draped and diademed bust left, within linear circle, +edel-red rex n Rev. Short cross at centre, four smaller crosses surrounding, all within linear circle, +elfpine on cole. 20mm, 1.3g. VF – Very Fine Flan a little undulating, peck marked mainly on reverse, with a strong portrait, a pleasing very fine and very rare with the extra crosses, presumably a short-lived sub-issue in East Anglia.

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