Ancient Greece – Silver 12 Litrai c. 214-12 BC

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Country: Ancient Greece

King (reign): Fifth Democracy, c214-212 BC

Denomination/metal: Silver 12 Litrai

Type Syracuse mint

Ref. no: Burnett, Enna Hoard, SNR 62, 1983, pl. 9, D 21 (these dies); McClean 2957 (these dies); SNG ANS 1040

Obv. Head of Athena facing left, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet decorated with a snake on the bowl.

Rev. SYPAKOSION, Artemis standing left, drawing bow, a hound springing left at her side, A on left.


EF - Very well-struck from pretty dies on a broad flan, attractive light iridescent tone, good extremely fine and most attractive.

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