1/200 Fractional Ownership of Mick Jagger's handwritten Rolling Stones lyrics

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  • 1/200 Fractional ownership of a rare set of Mick Jagger handwritten Rolling Stones lyrics
  • Only 200 slices available - there will never be any more
  • Each slice comes with certification of ownership, authenticity and provenance
  • Each slice available for £80 ($100)
  • We are here to assist you when you decide to sell
  • Written for a previously unknown, unpublished song
  • Believed to date from a significant period, circa 1965

Please note: you are buying 1/200 fractional ownership of Mick Jagger's handwritten lyrics. You will not receive a physical collectible.


A small sheet of lined paper, featuring handwritten lyrics by Mick Jagger on both sides. Jagger has written the lyrics in blue ballpoint ink.

Sheet measures 5 x 8 inches, and remains in excellent condition.

This unsigned set of lyrics is believed to date from 1965, during the earliest days of Jagger's career as a songwriter.

In September 1965 Jagger and Keith Richards wrote the original Stones song 'Sittin' on a Fence' during a tour of Ireland.

And notably, the song features the line:

“But there is one thing I could never understand,
“Some of the sick things that a girl does to a man”.

The present manuscript features the almost identical line:

“I said my little girl, you wouldn't understand,
“Some of the sick things a girl does to a man”.

It's highly unlikely that Jagger would later reuse an identical line from a song the Stones had already recorded.

Which directly points to him writing these lyrics before he wrote Sittin' on a Fence, prior to September 1965.

As such, this manuscript is a significant piece of Rolling Stones history, written by Jagger during arguably the most important period of his songwriting career.

In 1965 The Rolling Stones had their first original #1 hit, and made the transition from a blues cover band to a pop band famous around the world.

Jagger and Keith Richards went on to become one of pop music's greatest songwriting partnerships.

A superb piece of rock and roll history.

Provenance: ex Stanley Gibbons.

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