China 1949-50 North East China-Port Arthur and Dairen, set of 2, SGNE68,70

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China 1949-50 People's Republic China (PRC) regular issues North East China-Port Arthur and Dairen $500 on $5 yellow green and $500 on $10 yellow-orange, with 'Antique Character', surcharge type NE30, SGNE68,70.

Fine mint examples with original gum.

Rare surcharge stamps, particularly in such fine condition.

Soviet forces entered into the former Kwantung Leased Territory shortly after the Japanese surrender of 18th August 1945 and postal services were suspended for six months. A limited service was resumed, in larger post offices only, on 18th March 1946.

The Sino-Soviet Treaty of August 1945 resulted in Port Arthur (Lushun) being used jointly as a naval base by China and the Soviet Union. Dairen (Dalian) was to be a free port, with half the installations leased to the Soviet Union. China was granted the civil administration of both places. 

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