Peter Force printing of the Declaration of Independence

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  • A rare printing of the Peter Force Declaration of Independence 
  • Still contained within Volume I of Force’s classic nine-part publication 

Politician and archivist Peter Force (1790-1868) amassed one of the most extensive collection of documents relating to the American Revolution. He published his archives across nine volumes between 1837 and 1853 . The Library of Congress bought his full collection for $100,000 in 1867.  

This is a rare copy of Volume I of the Fifth Series of Peter Force’s American Archives (1848), with a printing of the full Declaration of Independence still bound into the book. Many examples of this sought-after print have long since been removed and framed.  

Force made the print from William J Stone’s original 1823 copper plate, produced on the orders of Congress, sometime between 1833 and 1848. However, his much-lauded American Archives were not a success. Only the Fourth and Fifth series entered publication and few buyers were prepared to pay the expensive subscription.  

It’s estimated that Force printed 500 or fewer copies of the Declaration of Independence.  

This is a rare opportunity to own the definitive printing of the founding document of the United States.  

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