How To... Spot a great investible Bordeaux wine vintage

As regular readers of Paul Fraser Collectibles will know, reports in our Wine, Whisky & Cigars section often mention the various vintages of fine wines.

But an important question is, which vintages should you pursue if you're looking to source wine as a potential investment? The vintage you choose is, naturally, of paramount importance.

In this video, made by Provenance Fine Wines, the advice is simple: buy the best Bordeaux from the best vintages.

The fact remains that, of all the best countries involved in wine production, France remains the benchmark. It has the richest history, and inspires the greatest reverence in wine critics and collectors around the world.

Although many other regions are worth a look for great wine investments, Bordeaux remains the heartland of investible fine wines - and wines from the region should feature greatly in your portfolio.

This brings us onto the important of vintage. Ultimately, it is the greatest cause in prompting higher demand for certain bottles among collectors and the consuming public.

The above video goes further into explaining the importance in history of the region's wine vintages, taking us back to 1855 when the wines of Bordeaux were split into five tiers...

Paul Fraser. 

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