One of the items is a letter written from Peter Sellers to his then new wife Britt Ekland in which he reveals his paranoia and insecurity about his marriage to Ekland, who was 17 years younger than him:

"I love you so desperately, and think you are so absolutely wonderful in every way, that I find it very difficult to understand why you married me."

"You who are just the most lovely thing in the whole world. What do you see in me? I'm not handsome. I'm not tall. I'm not special in any way."

The letter, written in March 1964 following their February wedding is 3 pages long and rambling in style. It is signed "All my love, always, Peter" with 25 kisses underneath.

The couple, who had one child, Victoria, divorced in 1968. Sellers is best remembered for his role as Chief Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films, and his 3 roles in Dr Strangelove.

It is expected to sell for £2,000-3,000.

Other items for sale include the unique beret and spectacles Benny Hill used to play the imbecilic Fred Scuttle. The beret and glasses are part of one of the best known images of Benny Hill, a British comedian who is very well known in America.

These will be immediately recognisable to anyone who remembers the comedian, even if they can't remember the character, as Hill appears wearing them in many pictures.

They are expected to sell for £1,000 each, which is potentially a bargain for such iconic pieces.

Also, there is a fan letter Phil Silvers, best known for his role as the infinitely crafty Sergeant Ernie Bilko in The Phil Silvers Show, sent to Benny Hill.

The Phil Silvers Show was voted Best Sitcom in the Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy in 2003.

The Silvers fan letter combines an autograph with an item associated with the two stars, representing interest on both sides of the Atlantic.

The signatures of globally known stars such as Sellers are continuing to increase in value due to increasing numbers of collectors in emerging economies, especially when attached to unique items such as a personal letter.

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