Why Lisa Simpson's Twitter 'buzz' shows that she's a great investment

Integral to investing in collectibles is the question: 'will the person or thing this item is attached to be remembered in years to come?'

Some items are a 'sure thing' - for instance, it's pretty much a given that the The Beatles' Lennon and McCartney (the 20th century's most successful songwriters), Albert Einstein and antiques from the Chinese Qing Dynasty will be valued and sought-after for many decades to come.

But what about collectibles which are contemporary to today's culture? For instance, while a signed Lady Gaga performance costume is valued at $2,000 today, will it be worth anything in 40 years time? If her legacy continues for years or decades to come, then it is likely...

Although how can you tell if a modern icon will be remembered or not? Well, an answer to this question popped up in Twitterverse, over the weekend, when Lisa Simpson's wedding day became one of the most popular topics on Twitter, the global social networking website.

This revelation may go over the heads of some of our older readers, and others will be somewhat alarmed by the idea of Lisa Simpson getting married (while The Simpsons cartoon series has been running for 21 years, its characters don't age, and Lisa is just eight-years-old).

In fact, the Twitter buzz was referring to an episode of the show, 'Lisa's Wedding', originally broadcast back in March, 1995. The episode is actually a "flash-forward," in which Lisa visits a fortune teller and is told about her future wedding. The date of the ceremony? August 1, 2010.

While some might ask, 'why on Earth are people talking so much over the internet about a fictional character's wedding?' others will be astounded by the fact that a cartoon episode broadcast 15 years ago can still have such a grip on popular culture.

Twitter has 190 million monthly users, and that Lisa Simpson's wedding was one of their most discussed topics over the weekend sends an important message to collectors and investors (like Glynn Williams): that the show's legacy is thriving, and its memorabilia values are likely to continue to appreciate in future years.


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