Did you see the email I sent you on Saturday?

About a cricket bat Nelson Mandela had signed. Another reader bought it within just 30 minutes of the email going out. 

I'm sharing this classified information with you because I want to leave you in no doubt: just how hot the Mandela autograph market is right now. 

And it’s only going to get hotter in my opinion. Mandela’s importance and mystique are only going to grow. Demand for the limited supplies of his signature is only going to grow. 

If you’re looking for a historic autograph and a long-term wealth store, Nelson Mandela is one of my top recommendations. 

Yet here’s the problem. I’m finding it really hard to source Mandela signatures these days: 

1. Because few have the provenance and 100% authenticity I demand. 

2. Those that do pass my tests are now priced prohibitively. 

Which means if I manage to source any more, you will, unfortunately, have to pay significantly more than in the past. 


I have two last remaining Mandela signatures available at the old prices. In fact, they’re priced significantly lower than the cricket bat. Yet both are extraordinary examples of Mandela’s autograph. 

Both are currently available to buy on my website. But for how long, I don’t know. Both come with my 28-day no-quibble returns, lifetime money back guarantee and free delivery. 

Please don’t look back in days and years to come with regret. Do consider adding one or both of them to your collection now. 

You can reserve them now by calling me on +44 (0)117 933 9500. Or just reply to this email. 

View my two remaining Mandela signatures here

All the best,

Paul Fraser

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