The greatest ever act of sportsmanship?

The greatest ever act of sportsmanship?

In the dusk of an English September evening, two men walk side by side.

"You nervous?" asks the American.

"Petrified" replies the Englishman.

"If it's any consolation, I feel exactly the same way."

Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin, the two finest players of the moment, arrive at the 18th green of Royal Birkdale.

Their match is the final pairing of the final day's play. They are tied. The 1969 Ryder Cup is tied. A Ryder Cup that has seen relations between the two teams become almost hostile...

The next few moments will decide the cup's destiny.

Jacklin putts first. This for a birdie. He stands transfixed as his 25 footer tracks towards the hole...

...but it stops, a stomach-churning two feet short.

Nicklaus next. This 15-foot putt for the Ryder Cup. He thinks only of holing it.

Adrenalin. Nerves. They combine to send the ball four feet past the cup. The crowd gasps. Disbelief washes across Nicklaus' face.

Jacklin paces.

Nicklaus approaches the return putt.

Silence descends as Nicklaus, in his unique crouched stance, stands over the ball. Miss this, and he hands Jacklin the chance to win it for Britain.

Nicklaus strikes the ball. A second later it drops. Relief for Nicklaus.

Now Jacklin must hole his two footer to halve the match. It's the kind of putt he makes 100 times out of 100. But pressure can do funny things to a man.

Then an extraordinary thing happens.

As Nicklaus retrieves his ball from the hole, he reaches over and picks up Jacklin's marker. A concession. They halve the hole. The match is halved. The Ryder Cup is halved.

"I don't think you would have missed that putt, but I don't want to give you the chance," says Nicklaus to Jacklin.

The two great foes and friends embrace.

Nicklaus and Jacklin

Nicklaus hugs a stunned and relieved Jacklin

Nicklaus' act of sportsmanship won him admirers the world over.

Nicklaus later explained his actions. "I believed good sportsmanship should be as much a part of the Ryder Cup as great competition," he said.

Jacklin has called it "the greatest single sporting gesture in golf".

I would go one further. I would call it the greatest sporting gesture in all of sport.

Nicklaus' decision that day has cemented a lifelong friendship between the two players.

The Florida golf club they designed together is testimony to that friendship. It's called, appropriately, The Concession Golf Club.

Jack Nicklaus signed golf cap

Nicklaus, viewed by many as the finest golfer in the history of the game, is also regarded as its most sporting.

It makes owning this fine piece of Jack Nicklaus memorabilia extra special.

NJack Nicklaus signed cap

A rare genuine signed cap from "The Golden Bear"

Nicklaus has strikingly signed the rim of the Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club cap in black felt tip pen.

Both the autograph and the cap are in excellent condition. That makes it a superb display piece.

Genuine Jack Nicklaus signed caps such as this are hard to find - we see a lot of fakes. Genuine Jack Nicklaus signed caps that come with a lifetime moneyback guarantee of authenticity are rarer still.

Nicklaus' 18 major wins remains a record. He remains the most revered name in golf.

The price to bring this superb memento into your home is £750 ($1,221).

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And I have more great golf memorabilia to show you today.

Tiger Woods

Second only to Nicklaus in major victories is one Eldrick Tont Woods. Tiger has transformed the game. The first black player to win a major, he is also the youngest player to win a career grand slam.

Like Nicklaus, collectors will still hunt for his memorabilia in 50 years' time - such is his importance to the game.
Did you know? 5 Ryder Cup facts
English seed packet salesman Samuel Ryder established the first contest in 1927. The US won.

Jack Nicklaus played in six Ryder Cups - he was never on the losing side. He also designed this weekend's course at Gleneagles.

In 1987, America's Ben Crenshaw broke his putter in a rage on the 6th green of his singles against Eamon Darcy. That forced him to putt the rest of the match with his one iron and sand wedge. He lost only on the 18th.

The US last won the Ryder Cup in Europe in 1993 - the last time Tom Watson was captain...

Europe's victory at the Belfry in 1985 was the team's first win since 1957.

But have you ever tried getting Woods' autograph?

Almost impossible. Once he arrives at the course he is "in the zone". No chatting, no distractions, no autograph sessions.

It makes genuine examples of his signature very hard to find.

But you're in the right place. I have two for you:

A golf glove signed by Woods and his former caddie Steve Williams - £1,500 ($2,445)

Tiger Woods signed golf glove

Tiger Woods and former caddy Steve Williams have signed this golf glove

Tiger Woods autographed golf visor - £950 ($1,549)

Tiger Woods golf visor

Tiger Woods' autograph is rare, in any format

Woods' autograph has risen in value by 6.7% a year since 2000.

Which means that if you can tear yourself away from the Ryder Cup for the next two minutes, you can grab yourself a potentially profitable long-term investment.

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Enjoy the golf, let's hope the right team wins come Sunday!

Thanks for reading,


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