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Rare vintage signed photograph of the Beatles sells for $25,000

Featuring bold, felt tip signatures from 1965, the photograph will make a fantastic investment


Iconic Memorabilia has just completed its July 1 online auction of autographs and memorabilia with a good range of baseball collectibles going under the hammer and even an Abraham Lincoln Signed Military Commission Display.

However, the star lot was perhaps as expected: a truly fantastic vintage signed photograph of the Beatles - perhaps one of the finest vintage signed photographs in existence.

The black and white photograph, taken by Robert Whitaker, features a classic image of the Beatles from their prime. But highlighting this photo and making it a cut above the rest is the extraordinarily dark and bold autographs that it features.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney have signed in red felt tipped pen, while George and Ringo have signed in blue felt tipped pen. The signatures date from early 1965.

Beatles signed photo

It is incredibly rare to see Beatles signatures of this quality on a photograph from this critical time in the group's career. The photo itself measures 15cm x 20.75cm (6 inches x 8 inches).

The photo has a small stray blue pen mark near the 'on' in Lennon and some very trivial light marks on it and a few small surface impressions otherwise very good plus condition.

A tremendous keepsake for the Beatlemaniac and an equally fine acquisition for the investment-minded collector alike, the signatures come with certificates of authenticity.

The collectibles markets remain obsessed with the Beatles, as we may see again later today with the sale of a Lamborghini driven by Paul McCartney.

Indeed the value of a photo signed by the Beatles has increased by 6.67% in the past year alone according to industry index, the PFC40.


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Image: Iconic Memorabilia

Last updated: 1 July 2011