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Jim Morrison's lyrics open The Doors at auction for $20,700

Words penned by the legendary William Blake-inspired singer were a hit at Dreweatts' sale

The lyrics of legendary rocker Jim Morrison, singer of 1960s rock band The Doors, have sold for £13,000 ($20,682) in a Berkshire, UK, auction.

Handwritten in pen, the lyrics were written for the song LA Woman, the title track from the band's sixth and final 1971 studio album (which also happened to feature Elvis Presley's bassist, Jerry Scheff).

Beginning "Well I just got into town about an hour ago..." Morrison's lyrics are accompanied by Biro doodles to the left hand side.

In the top left-hand corner of the A4 sheet is the singer's autograph, which reads "J - M /Doors - Morrison", next to the song title.

Later that same year, in July, Morrison would be found dead in a Paris bathtub. Today, the cause of his death remains uncertain - yet his rock 'n' roll legacy still burns as brightly as ever.

'Well I just go into town an hour ago...': Morrison's £13,000 lyrics

The authenticity of this fascinating piece of music history was verified by its provenance, having been formally exhibited in the famous Hard Rock Cafe, New York.

Meanwhile, The Doors, whose famous hits include Break on Through (To the Other Side) and Light My Fire, have been enjoyed a renaissance of sorts.

Earlier this year saw the release of a documentary, entitled When You're Strange, charting the band's career with narration by longtime fan Johnny Depp.

Meanwhile, collectors on the lookout for autographs and lyrics penned by rock's greatest legends can also find Paul McCartney's signed lyrics to Lady Madonna and sheet music by Bob Dylan for sale on the market.

They are currently available to collectors alongside other signed photographs and memorabilia from Led Zeppelin, The Who and John Lennon - on which you can find more information here.


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