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Pope Benedict XVI memorabilia for sale: pieces of carpet touched by The Pope.

I've been researching religious memorabilia this week - I'll tell you why in a minute.

It's worth reading on as I have no doubt this will be the most popular item we've ever had the privilege to offer...

What I've found out is quite extraordinary.

In 2005 a piece of toast said to resemble the image of the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000. The toast was purchased by, an online casino company.

In 2006 a pancake said to resemble Jesus Christ reached a bid of $14,999 before being removed from eBay for violating their listing rules.

And items touched by the Pope sell for even more...

In 2006 an armour-plated Pope mobile that was used by Pope John Paul II on his 1982 visit to Great Britain sold for £37,000 ($70,500 at the time).

And in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI's former car sold for $244,000 in what was Germany's most viewed eBay auction - some 1.4 million people expressed an interest.

Amazingly the previous owner had purchased the car for $12,000 just three months prior.

None of this is that surprising when you consider the Pope is the leader of 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Put another way that's 17% of the world population.

Given the numbers involved you can see why Papal memorabilia is hugely popular. The Pope's signature is one of the most sought after in the world.

I've been through numerous websites and can only find one genuine example for sale at $3,500.

A lot of people are clamouring for Papal memorabilia, but there's little available to meet the demand.

We we're blown away by this item...

That's why we were blown away this week when we were privileged to be asked to handle the sale of this item.

Here's the background...

Last week the Pope visited Britain.

He was surrounded by his Papal security guards as he visited the Queen, and held meetings with religious and government officials.

In addition an estimated 500 British police officers were on duty to protect him.

So, little wonder getting the Pope's autograph was out of the question.

However, what we have been asked to sell could be considered the ultimate Papal memento.

It's an item that was central to the Pope's much heralded mass at Westminster Cathedral, one of the most important dates in his calendar.

You see, we have been asked to find a home for the red carpet that the Pope walked on after his mass at Westminster Cathedral.

Touched by the Papal shoes...

The Pope spent 12 minutes on this carpet as he was greeted by 2,500 young Catholics, one from each Parish of England and Wales.

Whilst on the carpet the Pope blessed a number of youngsters and he also blessed a candle stand as a symbol for the Catholic youth.

You can see the whole event unfold on this news clip that was beamed around the world:

This carpet has actually been touched by the Papal shoes. That makes it an incredibly rare piece of memorabilia. And the world saw it live on TV so the provenance is fantastic.

Now admittedly, when we were first asked to sell The Pope's red carpet our first thought was:

'How on earth do we market this?'

Should we approach I'd imagine they would love to put it on display... and probably make a lot of money out of it as a tourist attraction.

But then a member of staff came up with another idea.

He remembered that on the previous Papal visit to Britain some 30 years ago another piece of carpet was cut up and pieces were offered to the general public.

The carpet was offered to people like you and me, to give us the opportunity to own a small slice of history.

It's a great idea so that's what we've decided to do.

I imagine it's the craziest idea you've heard for a long time. But we've given it serious thought and think it's only fair that hundreds of people should be able to benefit from this.

A piece of the carpet walked on by the Pope can be yours today.

Each piece of the carpet is offered with a full certificate of authenticity.

A very limited offer...

This is obviously a very limited offer but as readers of our newsletter you get the first option on this.

Buying a piece couldn't be easier. Just click on the Buy Now link below.

You'd be forgiven for thinking this will cost hundreds of pounds. After all it's a unique piece of Papal memorabilia touched by The Pope.

In fact we're not even asking for £50.

We've agreed to offer pieces of the carpet at just £29.97 (approx $45).

That will buy you a piece of the red carpet that Pope Benedict XVI walked on during his historic visit. The pieces of carpet will be cut to ½ inch squares, a perfect size to include in a locket or pouch.

And the importance of the event shouldn't be overlooked.

It was the first Papal visit to Britain in almost 30 years

It was also the first Papal State visit to Britain since the 16th Century when Henry VIII broke away from Rome and formed the Anglican Church.

We've been asked to offer this carpet for sale; in the coming weeks we will be informing the media and talking to the Press.

Until then our newsletter readers have the first opportunity to purchase.

£29.97 doesn't buy much these days.

But it will buy you this unique memento of the Papal visit.

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Adrian Roose

P.S. This may well be an item that is of interest to friends and family. If so, please feel free to forward this email to them so they don't miss out. We're happy for them to also have first refusal before we promote the carpet to the media.


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