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Joan Rivers collection sale will be held in New York on June 22

The sale of Joan Rivers' remarkable collection will include pieces by Faberge and Tiffany

A Faberge jewel and gold mounted lily of the valley study will lead the sale of the late Joan Rivers' collection.

Joan Collins Faberge
This Faberge leaf study dates to around 1900

It's valued at $200,000-300,000 ahead of the June 22 auction at Christie's New York.

Only a handful of these leaf studies are known, with the present lot thought to date to around 1900.

Christie's comments: "Joan Rivers stood for legendary entertainment and eclectic tastes.

"From her coveted collection of pieces from Faberge, Harry Winston and Chanel to a Tiffany dog bowl and silk pagoda dog bed, the offerings from her collection show both sides of her personality: the exuberant energy and the refined connoisseur."

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Images: Christie's

Last updated: 29 May 2016