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Aurora Green diamond breaks auction record

The green diamond auction record has been broken for the second time in a month

Paul Fraser Collectibles, Thursday 2 June 2016


The Aurora Green has auctioned for $16.8m in Hong Kong, establishing two new records for a green diamond.

The 5.03-carat fancy vivid gem set the record for a green diamond as well as the $3.3m green diamond price-per-carat record on May 31.

Aurora Green diamond
The new record holder: $3.3m per carat

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, a Hong Kong-based jewellery firm, was the winning bidder for the rectangular cut beauty, which has VS2 clarity and is mounted on a gold ring bordered by pink diamonds.

The Aurora Green comfortably surpassed the previous top mark for a green diamond, set by the 5.5-carat Ocean Dream last month. It sold for $8.6m, or $1.5m per carat.

The Aurora was the lead lot across Christie's Hong Kong series of jewellery sales this spring. Other leading lots on Tuesday included $11.6m for a pair of ruby ear pendants, and $7.2m for a Cartier Kashmir sapphire bracelet.

It has been an astonishing few weeks for the jewellery industry. First, the 15.38 Unique Pink became the most valuable pink diamond ever sold when it made $31.6m.

Then the Oppenheimer Blue, a spectacular 14.6 carat blue diamond, set a new jewel world record when it achieved $58.2m on May 18.

And amazingly, the world record could go again just days from now. The Lesedi La Rona, the world's largest rough diamond, is heading to Sotheby's on June 29 with a £48m ($70m) valuation.

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Images: Christie's

Last updated: 2 June 2016