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1901 Trinidad one penny error stamp will star at Siegel

The 1901 Trinidad one penny leads the worldwide part of the Weinberg stamp collection

A 1901 Trinidad one penny black on red (value omitted) error stamp will head up the worldwide portion of the sale of the Irwin Weinberg collection at Robert A Siegel.

Trinidad one pence
The Trinidad one pence is among the rarest British Commonwealth stamps

The stamp is one of the rarest British Commonwealth issues, with only three known to exist.

One is in the Royal Collection and will never be offered for sale, leaving two in circulation.

It's valued at $36,000 ahead of the November 15 auction. 

Other picks from Weinberg's celebrated collection include an Inverted Jenny and an 1858 5c brick red.

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Images: Robert A Siegel

Last updated: 21 October 2016