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Jacqueline du Pre's silver bow heading for auction

Jacqueline du Pre's silver bow dates to the 19th century

A silver bow belonging to acclaimed cellist Jacqueline du Pre looks set to make £20,000-30,000 ($25,466-38,199) in a sale at London violin specialist Tarisio.

Du Pre cello
Jacqueline du Pre was a famous British cellist

The Financial Times reports the lot was made by renowned 19th century English luthier James Tubbs and comes presented in its original wooden box.

The sale will run from October 11-24.

Du Pre (1945-1987) became a breakout star of the classical music world in the 1960s, particularly for her transcendent recording of Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor in 1965.

She died from complications related to MS in 1987.

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