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Frank and Gail Zappa collection will auction at Julien's

Pieces from the collection of Frank and Gail Zappa will sell on November 4

Julien's Auctions is to offer a selection of items from the collection of Frank and Gail Zappa on November 4.

Zappa was a musician and composer whose music occupied a liminal space between jazz, classical and rock.

Frank Zappa wiki

In 1994 Biologists named a new species of spider Pachygnatha zappaas, as its markings resemble Zappa's moustache 

He exploded on to the LA scene in the mid-1960s with his band the Mothers of Invention. Their startlingly original debut album, Freak Out, became a huge hit.

Among the highlights of the sale is a Dandie Fashions coat Zappa (1940-1993) wore on the cover of a 1968 edition of Rolling Stone.

That dates it to one of his most fertile creative periods - coinciding with the release of We're Only in it For the Money, the divisive doo wop album Cruising with Ruben and the Jets and the start of his production work for Captain Beefheart's seminal Trout Mask Replica.

It's expected to make around $1,000-2,000.

Other lots include a purple ribbed turtleneck he wore in 200 Motels, the surreal documentary he directed about life on the road with the Mothers.

The estimate stands at $600-800.

In addition to the memorabilia relating to Zappa's career, there is also furniture and other personal artefacts from the couple's home in California.

The sale follows the recent release of Eat that Question, a documentary about the star.

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